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IT Security Awareness Policy

Policy Number: 503

Categorized: Information Technology

Responsible Office: VP of Instructional and Information Technology

Subject: Policies and procedures governing IT security, including account, networks, servers, telecommunications, training

Related Policies: Acceptable Use, Violations Policy

Forms: 105-45 Account Request e-Form, Employee Acceptable Use Agreement, Employee Ethics Agreement

Additional Information:

Effective Date:

Last Reviewed Date: 10/04/2017

1. Scope

This policy applies to all Northern Virginia Community College (NOVA) employees, including full and part-time staff, faculty, contractors, consultants, volunteers, interns, student hires, and retirees (collectively, “users”).

2. Policy Statement

All users must complete VCCS designated security awareness training annually to maintain access to their college accounts. All new employees must complete the VCCS designated security awareness training upon employment. Consultants and contractors must complete the Contractor Security Awareness Training prior to being given access to NOVA systems.

3. Definitions


4. Procedures


5. Authority

VCCS IT Standards and Requirements