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Acceptable Computer Use

Policy Number: 502

Categorized: Information Technology

Responsible Office: VP of Instructional and Information Technology

Subject: Policy and procedures governing access to and acceptable use of College computer resources

Related Policies: Email, Sensitive Data and Personal Storage Devices, Use of Social Media, IT Security Awareness

Forms: VCCS Student-Patron Acceptable Use Agreement, Information Technology – Employee Acceptable Use Agreement, Information Technology Employee Ethics Agreement

Additional Information:

Effective Date: 02/12/2002

Last Reviewed Date: 10/04/2017

1. Scope

This policy applies to all Northern Virginia Community College (NOVA) employees, including full and part-time staff, faculty, contractors, consultants, volunteers, interns, student hires, students, and visitors/patrons (collectively, “users”).

2. Policy Statement

Northern Virginia Community College grants users access to the Virginia Community College System’s local and shared computer systems as a necessary privilege in order to perform authorized functions at the College. AS a condition of this access, all users are required to abide by the terms of the acceptable use agreement. In addition, employees are required to abide by the information Technology Employee Ethics Agreement.

3. Definitions

Computing Resources: all computers, systems, workstations, networks, networking equipment, peripheral devices, servers, and any other College property attached to NOVA’s network. Computing Resources also include all software, programs, files, documents, and databases stored in NOVA computing systems.

User: any person who uses NOVA’s Computing Resources.

4. Procedures

All new faculty and staff must execute the Information Technology Employee Acceptable Use Agreement and the Information Technology Employee Ethics Agreement upon employment. The Employee Acceptable Use Agreement is signed annually thereafter as part of the mandatory Security Awareness Training.

All students, visitors and/or patrons must follow and abide by the terms and conditions set forth in the VCCS Student-Patron Acceptable Use Agreement.

5. Authority

Virginia Community College System Information Security Standard

Virginia Community College System Acceptable Use Standard

Virginia Department of Human Resource Management Policy 1.75 Use of Electronic Communications and Social Media