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Voluntary Inter-Campus Faculty Transfer

Policy Number: 412

Categorized: Human Resources

Responsible Office: Human Resources

Subject: Policy and Procedures for Filling Full-time Faculty Vacancies

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Effective Date: 07/01/2019

Last Reviewed Date: 03/26/2019

1. Scope

This policy applies to all vacancies for full-time teaching, administrative, and professional faculty.

2. Policy Statement

While Northern Virginia Community College reserves the right to reassign employees to any work location within the college, it nonetheless affords eligible full-time faculty the opportunity to transfer to another NOVA campus when a vacancy of the same teaching discipline or position becomes available. Transfers that meet the needs of an eligible faculty member as well as the needs of the receiving campus are encouraged. Voluntary inter-campus transfers do not affect a faculty member’s salary, rank, or appointment status.

Eligibility Requirements:

  • Full-time teaching faculty, counselors, and librarians must be on a five-year appointment.
  • Full-time faculty must have received a Meets Expectations on the most recent evaluation.

3. Definitions

Full-time faculty: teaching faculty, administrative faculty, and professional faculty, who are employed in full-time unrestricted positions.

4. Procedures

When a full-time faculty position becomes vacant and the decision is made to refill that position, the following steps are followed:

  1. The supervisor prepares selection criteria (required and preferred). Selection criteria may include any expertise required/preferred for the position (e.g., teaching specific courses, career counseling, etc.).
  2. Before the position is advertised externally, Human Resources notifies via email all eligible full-time faculty and includes instructions on how to submit the requested documents.
  3. Requests must be received in Human Resources in writing (via email) five business days after the announcement is made.
  4. If no requests to transfer are received after five business days, the division may proceed to advertise the position externally through the normal competitive process. Internal candidates are eligible to apply.
  5. Eligible faculty who wish to be considered for the transfer must submit a brief statement of interest (no more than one page) explaining the strengths they offer and why they wish to transfer, copies of student evaluations from the most recent academic year (if applicable), and a copy of their most recent performance evaluation. Teaching faculty should also submit their APPDO assessment from the most recent calendar year.
  6. Requests will be assessed using a rubric that evaluates required/preferred qualifications and expertise, statement of interest, evaluation(s), and seniority based on number of years of full-time faculty service at NOVA. Teaching faculty requesting the transfer may also be invited to the campus to talk with the dean and provost.
  7. If more than one full-time faculty member is interested in transfer for the same position, the decision is made based on the rubric assessment. In the event of a tie, the decision will be made based on seniority.
  8. The supervisor in consultation with the appropriate Administrative Council member make a formal recommendation to the president (or designee) to approve or not approve the transfer request. The final decision rests with the president (or designee).
  9. Once the request for transfer has been decided, the supervisor or Human Resources communicates the decision (approved or not approved) to the faculty member.
  10. If approved, the transfer approval documentation is routed through the NOVA applicant tracking system (NATS) to finalize the transfer. The new supervisor sends a communication to the division to announce the confirmed transfer. The faculty member’s former supervisor sends a communication to the division to announce the transfer.
  11. The timing of any transfer will normally coincide with the beginning of an academic semester or summer session. Under special circumstances, exceptions may be negotiated and approved by the president.
  12. If no faculty is selected through this process, the division may begin an external recruitment process. Internal candidates are eligible to apply.

5. Authority

VCCS Policy 3.30 Recruitment and Selection