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Lost and Found

Policy Number: 302

Categorized: Administrative Policies

Responsible Office: College Police

Subject: Handling and disposition of lost and found items on College property

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Forms: Collection Voucher

Additional Information:

Effective Date: 10/01/2016

Last Reviewed Date: 11/20/2017

1.0 Scope

This policy applies to all items lost or found on Northern Virginia Community College (College) property.

2.0 Policy Statement

The College has established procedures for the handling of lost and found items in compliance with Code of Virginia Title 23.1-104 Disposition of Lost or Abandoned Property. All College employees are required to comply with the procedures in this policy. Under no circumstances shall property turned in become the property of a College Employee or the individual who “found” the item.

3.0 Definitions


4.0 Procedures

4.1 Found Items

College employees who find items on College property should make every effort to contact the owner of an item immediately if it is clearly marked with a name or contact information. Items found should be retained and College Police should be notified as soon as possible, and no later than within 2 weeks, for collection. If the item is of value, such as cash, purse, or electronics (items noted in 3 below), College Police should be notified immediately.

  • The following items should be discarded immediately including: a) Reusable or disposable serving containers or cups/mugs/bottles b) Loose papers, magazines, newspapers, printed material c) Photocopies of any papers containing sensitive or personal information (i.e. Social Security cards, passports, drivers’ licenses, credit card receipts), should be shredded.
  • Clothing should be tagged with date and location found.
  • Any cash and valuables (purses, wallets, cell phones, laptops, etc.) and items sensitive in nature (passports, driver licenses, credit cards, identifying documents, etc.) will be turned over to College Police as soon as possible, noting estimated time and location found.
  • Computer accessories (cables, jump drives, chargers, etc.) without owner ID will be tagged with estimated time and date found.
  • Books (text books and recreational), notebooks, costume jewelry, etc. without owner ID should be tagged with date and location found.

4.2 Lost Items

Individuals seeking a “lost” item(s) should contact College Police on the campus in which they believe they left it. Individuals looking for lost items may also leave their name, contact information, and a description of the missing item with the police so they can be notified if and when the item(s) is found.

4.3 Storage and Disposition

All items will be logged and stored in accordance to College Police procedure for storage of Lost and Found items. All items unclaimed of non-evidentiary value shall be disposed of according to state and federal statutes after a minimum of 120 days.

4.4 Policy Review

This policy must be reviewed every three (3) years commencing on the first anniversary of the policy’s effective date and revised, as needed, to be in compliance with state and federal regulations.

5.0 Authority

Code of Virginia Title 23.1-104 Disposition of Lost or Abandoned Property