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Dual Enrollment Instructor Annual Observation Requirement

Policy Number: 227

Categorized: Academic Policies

Responsible Office: Academic Deans & Office of Dual Enrollment

Subject: Dual Enrollment Instructor Observations

Related Policies:

Forms: 105-095 Adjunct Faculty Evaluation or Equivalent , 125-360 Dual Enrollment Faculty Liaison Checklist

Additional Information:

Effective Date:

Last Reviewed Date: 08/01/2019

1.0 Scope

This applies to Dual Enrollment Faculty Liaisons and Dual Enrollment Instructors teaching contract dual enrollment courses at a high school.

2.0 Policy Statement

Dual Enrollment Faculty Liaisons will conduct annual classroom observations of their assigned Dual Enrollment Instructors.

3.0 Definitions


4.0 Procedures

4.1. The NOVA Dual Enrollment Faculty Liaison will contact each Dual Enrollment Instructor for whom the Liaison is responsible to schedule a classroom observation date. This may be in the Fall semester or the beginning of the Spring semester, depending upon when the course is scheduled.

4.2. The NOVA Dual Enrollment Faculty Liaison will conduct the observation following the guidance provided in the Dual Enrollment Faculty Liaison Checklist.

4.3. The 105-95 Adjunct Faculty Evaluation Form or other equivalent form and the 125-360 Dual Enrollment Faculty Liaison Checklist will be utilized. The 105-95 form is signed by the Faculty Liaison and the Dual Enrollment Instructor. The checklist is signed by the Dual Enrollment Instructor and the Faculty Liaison.

4.4. The Faculty Liaison will meet with the Dual Enrollment Instructor after the observation to provide feedback and discuss concerns or areas needing improvement as well as areas of strength noted. A follow-up observation will be scheduled if there are areas of concern.

4.5. The Faculty Liaison will submit forms 105-95 and 125-360 or equivalent to the sponsoring campus division office in order to be added to the NOVA Dual Enrollment Faculty Personnel Folder. The Faculty Liaison will also provide copies of all forms to the Office of Dual Enrollment, which will track dates to document compliance.

4.6. The Office of Dual Enrollment will send reminders throughout the fall and spring semesters to the Faculty Liaisons and Deans. If a NOVA Dual Enrollment Faculty Liaison does not observe the assigned Dual Enrollment Instructor(s) before the end of the school year, the Director of Dual Enrollment will notify the supervising Dean, the Associate Dean and the Liaison that this requirement was not met. A meeting will be conducted to determine why the requirement was not met (due to an Instructor’s unwillingness to be observed, or due to the Liaison’s inability to provide the observation). If a Faculty Liaison is unable or unwilling to meet the obligations of the position, the position will be assigned to another Liaison. If a Liaison simply was unable to meet the obligation due to emergencies during the academic year, the Liaison may be asked to continue in the role.

4.7. If the Dual Enrollment Instructor obstructs or refuses the intended observation by the NOVA Dual Enrollment Liaison, the Director of Dual Enrollment shall inform the high school partnership Principal and the Dual Enrollment Instructor that this is unacceptable. All attempts will be made to arrange the observation prior to the end of the academic year. The instructor may not be eligible to teach in the dual enrollment program until a satisfactory observation has been conducted and a meeting held with the high school partnership Principal and Dual Enrollment Instructor to discuss the importance of compliance with all NOVA policies. An additional one year may be permitted due to extenuating circumstances.

5.0 Authority

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