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Dual Enrollment Instructor Discipline-Specific Professional Development

Policy Number: 226

Categorized: Academic Policies

Responsible Office: Academic Dean & Office of Dual Enrollment

Subject: Required Discipline-Specific Professional Development for Dual Enrollment Instructor

Related Policies: Dual Enrollment Instructor Initial Course-Specific Training

Forms: 125-360 Dual Enrollment Faculty Liaison Checklist

Additional Information:

Effective Date: 09/10/2019

Last Reviewed Date: 08/01/2019

1.0 Scope

This applies to Dual Enrollment Faculty Liaisons and Dual Enrollment Instructors teaching contract dual enrollment courses at a high school.

2.0 Policy Statement

Each academic year, Dual Enrollment Faculty Liaisons will provide discipline-specific professional development opportunities to Dual Enrollment Instructors in their service areas and fields of expertise. Dual enrollment instructors will participate in college-provided annual discipline-specific professional development and ongoing collegial interaction to enhance the instructors' breadth of knowledge in the teaching discipline; pedagogy may also be discussed. In some cases, NOVA Faculty Liaisons can approve an outside training or graduate course. This option must be approved by the academic dean in advance of the proposed professional development and the Dual Enrollment Instructor must submit a one-page summary describing what they learned and how they will implement the knowledge gained in their High School Dual Enrollment course.

3.0 Definitions


4.0 Procedures

4.1. The Faculty Liaison will contact each Dual Enrollment Instructor for whom the Liaison is responsible to establish a time for the Annual Discipline Specific Professional Development Session.

4.2. The Faculty Liaison will either provide the discipline specific professional development or will have the Dual Enrollment Instructor attend discipline specific professional development provided for a group of Dual Enrollment Instructors. The NOVA Faculty Liaison may approve externally-provided discipline-specific professional development such as industry training seminars, national conferences in the discipline, graduate courses in the discipline, or professional development offered by a different NOVA campus.

4.3. The Faculty Liaison will document the Dual Enrollment Instructors who attend each professional development activity and will note any Instructors who attend no discipline-specific professional development activity. The Liaison will provide this documentation to the Office of Dual Enrollment before the end of the academic school year.

4.4. For each discipline-specific professional development offered, the Faculty Liaison will submit relevant materials including articles read, discussion notes, and a detailed agenda to the Office of Dual Enrollment in addition to the attendance information required in 4.3. The Faculty Liaison will record the date of the Professional Development on form 125-360 and then will submit the form to the division office to be scanned into the Dual Enrollment Instructor’s HR file in ImageNow at the end of each academic year.

4.5. The Office of Dual Enrollment tracks all discipline specific professional development offered to Dual Enrollment Instructors annually and sends reminders to Faculty Liaisons throughout the academic year, copying each Liaison’s supervising Dean. The Office strives to alert Liaisons and their Deans of potential problems early enough to prevent instances where no discipline-specific professional development is provided.

4.6. If a NOVA Faculty Liaison does not provide discipline-specific professional development by the end of the academic year or make arrangements for an alternate method of meeting the training requirement, the Director of Dual Enrollment informs the supervising Dean, and the Liaison that this expectation was not met; the Director documents attempts to remind the Liaison to offer professional development. The Director of Dual Enrollment will request a meeting with the Academic Dean, the supervising Dean and the Faculty Liaison to discuss the expectations. The Faculty Liaison may be replaced by another faculty member who is able to better fulfill the role.

4.7. If the Dual Enrollment Instructor fails to attend the professional development conducted or provided by the NOVA Faculty Liaison or any of the alternative options, the Director of Dual Enrollment will inform the high school partnership principal and copy the Dual Enrollment Instructor. The Dual Enrollment Instructor will have one additional semester to complete the required professional development. If the Dual Enrollment Instructor does not complete the professional development by the end of the subsequent semester, the instructor will not be permitted to teach NOVA dual enrollment classes. Exceptions can be made in conjunction with the Academic Dean and the Director of Dual Enrollment on a case by case basis.

5.0 Authority

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