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Policy Number: 220

Categorized: Academic Policies

Responsible Office: AVP for Academic Affairs

Subject: Auditing a class for no credit

Related Policies: Grades

Forms: Auditing a Class: Permission to Audit

Additional Information: Senior Citizens

Effective Date:

Last Reviewed Date: 01/03/2019

1.0 Scope

This policy applies to all credit students.

2.0 Policy Statement

Students who wish to take a course without taking the examination or receiving credit for the course may do so by auditing that course. The procedure to audit a course must be completed no later than the census date for the course.

Audited courses carry no credit and do not count as part of the student's course load, which will affect a student’s status if he or she receives financial aid or veterans benefits or holds an F-1/M-1 visa.. Audited courses receive a grade of “X.”

3.0 Definitions


4.0 Procedures

4.1. Students wishing to change status in a course from credit to audit or from audit to credit, must complete NOVA Form 125- 012 Auditing a Class: Permission to Audit and have it signed by the instructor and the academic dean no later than the census date for the course. After this day, the audit grade X is invalid for students enrolled for credit.

4.2. Students who wish to earn credit for a previously audited course must retake the course by reenrolling in the course for credit and paying normal tuition to earn a grade other than “X.” Advanced standing credit should not be awarded for a previously audited course.

5.0 Authority

VCCS Policy 5.6.0 Grading System for Credit Classes