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Customized Publications

Policy Number: 214

Categorized: Academic Policies

Responsible Office: Executive Vice President and Chief Academic Officer

Subject: Requirements for adopting customized textbooks

Related Policies: Textbooks, Open Educational Resources


Additional Information:

Effective Date:

Last Reviewed Date: 05/15/2018

1.0 Scope

This policy applies to all faculty.

2.0 Policy Statement

No customized text will be adopted unless the unique NOVA material expands on the value of the text to students in that class. The NOVA material should consist of substantial academic materials that build upon the materials presented in the basic text. The NOVA material should not consist primarily of information generally available to students in other NOVA publications, College photographs and logos, or other materials that have little bearing on the course itself.

3.0 Definitions

Customized publication: a textbook, student planner, etc. that includes a certain amount of unique NOVA material printed in it

4.0 Procedures

4.1. Use of the College logo must comply with the Institutional Identity Guidelines at Logos may be downloaded at

4.2. College staff, working on College time, will not support commercial publishers in the effort to gather and format College material, other than to transmit those materials in currently existing formats. Commercial publishers may buy overtime labor from College staff through appropriate contractual agreements.

5.0 Authority