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Late Withdrawal for Mitigating Circumstances

Policy Number: 210

Categorized: Academic Policies

Responsible Office: Deans of Students

Subject: Describes the conditions under which a student may withdraw from a course or courses after the 60% mark.

Related Policies: Tuition Refunds

Forms: Late Withdrawal for Mitigating Circumstances

Additional Information: Academic Calendar

Effective Date: 01/01/2019

Last Reviewed Date:

1.0 Scope

This applies to all students, including dual enrollment students, who wish to withdraw from classes after 60% of the course has been completed.

2.0 Policy Statement

Northern Virginia Community College (NOVA) recognizes that at times a student may need to terminate participation in classes. This policy outlines the circumstances under which a student may withdraw from classes after the withdrawal deadline published in the academic calendar.

After the 60% mark, a student may request a late withdrawal from a course only with documentation of mitigating circumstances that prevented compliance with published deadlines. Late withdrawal requests must be submitted by the end of the following semester:

  1. Last day of spring semester for the previous fall semester
  2. Last day of summer sessions for the previous spring semester
  3. Last day of fall semester for the previous summer session

No withdrawals will be permitted after these dates.

In most cases, Late Withdrawal for Mitigating Circumstances applies to all courses in which the student is currently enrolled. Withdrawal from fewer than all courses will be considered in extenuating circumstances. Changes to enrollment may affect financial aid, F-1/J-1 or other visa status, military or veteran’s benefits, and result in financial liability to the College. It is the student’s responsibility to understand the impact of enrollment changes.

3.0 Definitions

Withdrawal: Cancellation of enrollment in a course after the census date but prior to the completion of sixty percent (60%) of the session and for which a grade of W) is awarded. A grade of W carries no grade point credit.

4.0 Procedures

To request a withdrawal after the 60% mark, a student must submit a Late Withdrawal for Mitigating Circumstances form with documentation of mitigating circumstances to the campus Dean of Students.

  1. Mitigating circumstances must have been severe, not foreseeable and/or could not have been reasonably prevented during the time period in question. Examples include:
    1. A major medical emergency or severe, extended illness occurring during the semester the student is registered which requires hospitalization, is life threatening, prevents the student from attending classes or is contagious and a danger to the remainder of the College community.
    2. Death of the student or a member of the student’s immediate family (mother, father, sister, brother, husband, wife, child, or grandparent). An obituary or death certificate is required.
    3. Mobilization or call to active duty for military students. A copy of the military orders is required.
  2. Documentation should be submitted only to the Dean of Students and should include the following:
    1. A letter outlining the circumstances impacting the student’s ability to perform in the course(s) in question and detailing when the circumstances occurred within the semester in question
    2. Documentation from professional(s) verifying the circumstances, when the circumstances occurred and/or receipts or other documents that can verify the circumstances.
      Any documentation from medical or mental health personnel should be detailed enough for the Dean of Students to make an informed determination.
  3. The Dean of Students will review the documentation and consult with the Academic Dean to make a determination about approval/denial of the request.
    1. If the Dean of Students and Academic Dean approve the Withdrawal for Mitigating Circumstances, a grade of W will be assigned to the student’s record and the student’s instructor(s) will be notified.
    2. If the Late Withdrawal for Mitigating Circumstances is denied, the student may appeal the decision to the campus Provost within ten (10) business days. In order to appeal, the student must present new information that was unavailable to the Dean of Students and Academic Dean and that could substantially impact the original decision.
    3. In cases, where a course grade has already been assigned, the approved withdrawal form will serve in the place of the Change of Grade Form.
  4. To request a refund for a Late Withdrawal, the student must follow Business Office procedures described in the Tuition Refund Policy.

5.0 Authority

Virginia Community College System Policy No. 6.2.3