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Policy Number: 601

Categorized: Student Services

Responsible Office: Associate VP for Student Services and Enrollment Management

Subject: Policies and Procedures Governing the Admission of Students

Related Policies: Admission and Continued Enrollment of Students Who May Pose a Threat to the College

Forms: N/A

Additional Information: Admissions Procedures, Dual Enrollment Manual, International Student Admissions

Effective Date:

Last Reviewed Date: 08/25/2017

1.0 Scope

This policy applies to all youth and adults who can benefit from one of the College’s programs.

2.0 Policy Statement

Any person who has a high school diploma or the equivalent, or is at least 18 years of age and is able to benefit academically from enrollment at Northern Virginia Community College as demonstrated by assessment in reading, writing, and mathematics, may be admitted to the College. Minimum assessment scores can be found in the Testing section of the College Catalog. Exceptions to this policy may be made by the College president only for documented reasons. All students not admitted to a degree or certificate program shall be considered noncurricular students.

Although high school and home school students are not normally qualified for general admission, the College may offer admission to those students who meet criteria for Dual Enrollment.

In addition to the general admission requirements of the college, all international applicants who wish to enroll as curricular students must demonstrate proficiency in both written and oral English through use of either a standardized national or a locally developed test.

Admission to nursing, allied health, and veterinary technology programs requires a separate process after students are admitted to the college. Details can be found on the program websites or in the Catalog.

The College reserves the right to evaluate Applications for Admission, document special cases, and to refuse or revoke admission if the College determines that the applicant or student is a threat, is a potential danger, is significantly disruptive to the college community, or if such refusal is considered to be in the best interest of the College. Students whose admission is revoked after enrollment must be given due process. Applicants that have been expelled or suspended from, or determined to be a threat, potential danger, or significantly disruptive by, another college will not be admitted to NOVA.

3.0 Definitions

Curricular student: A student shall be classified as a curricular student if the following three conditions are satisfied: (1) the student holds a high school diploma, a GED or its equivalent, or is otherwise determined qualified for admission; (2) the required documents for general admission to a curricular program are received by the Office of Admissions; and (3) the student has been admitted to one of the college's curricula including international students requiring issuance of an I-20.

Non-curricular student: Students who are not formally admitted to one of the regular curricula but who are classified according to the following student goals or conditions are considered non-curricular students. (International students requiring issuance of an I-20 or students receiving Federal or State aid are not eligible for these categories):

  • Upgrading Employment Skills for Present Job
  • Developing Skills for New Job
  • Career Exploration
  • Personal Satisfaction and General Knowledge
  • Transient Student -Student who maintains primary enrollment with another postsecondary institution and elects to enroll in the VCCS.
  • High School Student dual enrollment or dual credit
  • Auditing a Course

Prospective student: An individual who has applied, or seeks to apply, to the College.

Current student: A student who is currently enrolled or who has been enrolled within the last three academic years.

4.0 Procedures

  • Admissions procedures may be found in the current College Catalog.
  • Procedures for refusal or revocation of admission may be found in Policy #610, Admission and Continued Enrollment of Students Who May Pose a Threat to the College.

5.0 Authority

VCCS Policy 6.0 Admissions

VCCS Policy 6.3 Student Classification

VCCS Policy Dual Enrollment Student Admissions

VCCS Policy 6.0.3. Special Admission Requirements for International Students