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How to Use the Wait List

  1. Log in to myNOVA and select Student Center.
  2. On the Student Center page, click Enroll.
  3. If the class section is full and a Wait List is available, you will see the Wait List icon as the class status. You can remove yourself from the wait list through Self-Service (same process as drop) to allow other students.

    If a space in the class becomes available, then you will be automatically enrolled. If you have been moved into a class from a wait list, you will have until 5:00 p.m. the next business day to pay for the class.

     add class snapshoot

    You can see your position number on the wait list through Self-Service during the enrollment period.
  4. Click the WAIT LIST IF CLASS IS FULL button ‘on’. The class is then placed in your shopping cart (note the status).

    Note: You may see that a class is OPEN, but if there is a wait list, you will be placed on the wait list until a space for you becomes available. You will not be notified automatically that you have been moved from the wait list to the class, so you must monitor your schedule every morning.

    confirm class snapshoot
  5. Proceed to steps 2 and 3. The following page is displayed: (Note that the page indicates Successful enrolled, but in the Wait List. It also indicates your position number on the Wait List)

    view result snapshot

    NOTE: This green check mark does not mean that you are enrolled in the class. It means that you have been added to the Wait List successfully.
  6. Check your class schedule; this is what you will see if you are on a Wait List. Your status in the class is WAITING.
    confirm class snapshoot

    NOTE: You are not enrolled until you see that your status has been changed to ENROLLED.