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NOVA provides a confidential, independent employee assistance program for employees and their families. Help is available to individuals with personal, work, or alcohol and drug abuse problems.

The EAP serves as an excellent resource for addressing difficult employee relations issues such as substance and alcohol abuse and workplace conflicts. The EAP also provides training opportunities for employees and supervisors.

Under certain circumstances where drug or alcohol use or abuse is suspected, an employee may be required to attend the Employee Assistance Program. The supervisor will consult with the Associate Vice President of Human Resources to determine the terms of participation. The supervisor will provide the employee with written communication regarding the requirements to participate in the EAP.

The employee, as a condition of continued employment, must meet the requirements. If the employee does not complete the requirements the employee will be subject to disciplinary action, up to and including termination.

All state health plans offer classified employees and their dependents an EAP for a broad range of behavioral concerns, such as marital or family/parenting difficulties, legal and financial problems, mental health issues, child or elder care, grief counseling, and alcohol or drug abuse assessment.

The EAP is a confidential assessment and referral service. When the EAP refers an employee to a doctor or treatment facility for care, health coverage may be available through the employee's health benefits plan.

A supervisor can encourage an employee to use EAP services in an effort to address performance/conduct issues that may be adversely affecting work performance.

Employees who voluntarily seek treatment or counseling for drug or alcohol-related problems are accommodated as much as possible to allow them to address the problem. Employees are encouraged to use available resources such as EAP, sick leave, FMLA leave, compensation time, and vacation leave in order to participate in a drug rehabilitation program.

Anthem: 855.223.9277

COVA HealthAware
Aetna: 888.238.6232

Kaiser Permanente HMO
ValueOptions: 866.517.7042

Local Resources

A list of referral services in Northern Virginia that specialize in assisting persons with substance abuse issues is available through 211Virginia at Students, faculty and staff requesting assistance will be referred to the appropriate public agencies.

National Hotlines and Helplines

Provides information on alcoholism and alcohol abuse and refers callers to local Al­‐Anon support groups established to help friends and families of alcoholics.
Contact: 1.­888.4AL.ANON or 1.888.425.2666 or go to

Alcoholics Anonymous (A.A. World Services)
Provides information and support to recovering alcoholics through local chapters in communities nationwide.
Contact: 1.212.870.3400

The American Council on Alcoholism Helpline
Provides referrals to alcohol treatment programs nationwide and written materials.
Contact: 1800.527.5344

Cocaine Anonymous
Provides information and support to individuals suffering from cocaine addiction.
Contact: 1.800.347.8998 or go to

National Clearinghouse for Alcohol and Drug Information
Provides information and referrals.
Contact: 1.800.729.6686