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Captioning and ASL Interpreters

Individuals who are deaf or hard of hearing may need sign language interpreters or CART–Communication Access Realtime Translation, also known as captioning—to access live or online classes, meetings, webinars and other events.

The Interpreter Services Office ( schedules CART and interpreters for students and schedules interpreters for other College events. The office will provide instructions to anyone sponsoring an event that needs captions, such as a meeting, webinar, training, or other activity so that the event sponsor can arrange for CART. Event sponsors should ask whether any participant will need accommodations when advertising or accepting registration for an event.

When to Caption: General Guidelines

If you answer “yes” to any of the questions below, by default you should caption your event/materials. These guidelines apply to both live events and recorded materials:

  • Is there an immediate accommodation need/request?
  • Is the event/material going to be publicly available?
  • Is the event/material going to be recorded and reused?
  • Will your event have an anticipated audience greater than 250 attendees?

Any video available to the general public on the College website, that is, material that does not require NOVA credentials to access, must be accurately captioned when it is published to the website.

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