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DEI Spotlight Events

  • Diversity at NOVA

As an academic institution that values open dialogue and excellence in education, Northern Virginia Community College is committed to the free exchange of ideas by its faculty, staff and students. NOVA welcomes guest speakers from all ideological perspectives to visit campus and present their ideas. The views expressed by guest speakers are their own and not necessarily shared by the College. As an institution, NOVA remains neutral with respect to political speech at the College.

For more information on free speech and expressive activities, please see NOVA's Speech and Expression policy and procedure.

The Office of Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion proudly presents NOVA's monthly DEI Spotlight Series. Each month, NOVA will feature a speaker or performer highlighting an important DEI theme. The monthly DEI Spotlight Event will rotate between NOVA's different campuses. In addition, each DEI Spotlight Event will be recorded and made available to enrolled NOVA students and NOVA faculty and staff. Check below for more information about the upcoming DEI Spotlight Events!

To access past DEI Spotlight Event recordings with captioning, please visit Click "Panopto," and then log in with your MyNOVA account. Next, search "DEI.”

For future DEI Spotlight events, contact Sherrene DeLong ( for questions or accommodations. Requests for accommodations must be made at least two weeks prior to the event.

Spring 2023 DEI Spotlight Events

Dear Nexus

January: Dear Nexus

JANUARY: Dear Nexus
DATE: Mon, Jan. 30, 2pm-3pm
LOCATION: Virtual. 

"Intersectional Allyship with AND within Queer Community"

Nexus (he/him) is a Black and Filipino American, and a queer cisgender man. Through his platform, "Dear Nexus," he is committed to dismantling white supremacy, particularly with a harm-reduction lens. Nexus endeavors to work for justice intersectionality, with a specific lens of queer liberation.

Kim Haas

February: Kim Haas

TOPIC: Black History Month
DATE: Wed., Feb. 22, 12pm-1pm
LOCATION: Alexandria

"Afro-Latino Travels with Kim Haas"

Kim is the executive producer, host, and creator of Afro-Latino Travels with Kim Haas, a travel show celebrating the African influence in Latin America. Her travels have taken her to meet Black people in Venezuela, Cuba, Peru, Mexico, and more, exploring their lived experiences and historic contributions to local art, food, music, dance, and culture.

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Kellie Blair Hardt

March: Kellie Blair Hardt

MARCH: Kellie Blair Hardt
TOPIC: Women’s History Month
DATE: Wed, Mar. 22, 1pm
LOCATION: Manassas

"Keep Accelerating: One Woman’s Unconventional Journey to Success"

Kellie is a NOVA grad who overcame homelessness, alcoholic parents, expulsion from school, and more, and went on to earn a GED, Bachelors, and Masters degrees. Her story has debuted nationally, inspiring millions. Kelli is an award-winning educator and is currently pursuing a PhD.

Brittany Piper

APRIL: Brittany Piper

APRIL: Brittany Piper
TOPIC: Sexual Violence Awareness Month
DATE: Tues, Apr. 4, 11am

[CONTENT WARNING: This event discusses highly sensitive themes, including sexual violence, that may be triggering for some individuals.]
“Rape Culture: A Survivor’s Perspective”

Brittany is a speaker, sexual violence prevention expert, and healing coach who helps audiences uncover the transformational power of Second Chances. Brittany's powerful journey & story are
one of resilience, vulnerability, inspiration, and most of all hope.

Sandhya Oaks

MAY: Sandhya Oaks

MAY: Sandhya Oaks
TOPIC: Asian American Pacific Islander History Month
Date: Thu, May 4, 3-4pm
Location: In-Person on Annandale Campus (AAPI Intercultural Center) and Virtual Webinar.

"Caring for Your Mental Health as an Asian American"

Sandhya is a Ministry Leader, Story Coach, and Spiritual Director. Born in India and adopted as a Transracial Adoptee in the Midwest, her story lends to walking with others through identity reclamation and creating experiences that restore shalom within the human heart.

She is the Co-Founder of The Adoption Triad, a group that provides community and resources to those connected to Adoption and Foster Care. Sandhya holds two Certificates in Narrative Focused Trauma Care from The Allender Center and a Certificate in Resilient Leadership from the Seattle School of Theology and Psychology. Additionally, she recently completed her Trauma Care Group Training Certificate through The Art of Living Counseling Center.

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Sandhya Oaks

JUNE: Nexus

JUNE: Nexus
TOPIC: Pride Month
Date: Thursday, June 8, 2-4pm
Location: Virtual Meeting (click here to register)

"Weathering the Media Storm"

The Office of DEI and Micron are honored to bring back Nexus for Pride Month on Thursday, June 8, 2-4pm!

In this virtual interactive workshop, we'll explore the important intersection of media literacy, well-being, and the consumption and sharing of content and news online and via social media platforms.

As the digital landscape evolves, it becomes increasingly vital to navigate the vast sea of information with mindfulness and critical thinking. In this workshop, we'll delve into the impact of media on our well-being and identity, particularly in relation to the LGBTQ+ community. We'll empower participants with the tools and knowledge necessary to consume and share content responsibly, fostering a positive online environment that promotes inclusivity, understanding, and respect.

By the end of the workshop, participants will have a deeper understanding of media literacy, its connection to well-being, and the crucial role it plays in promoting positive change within the LGBTQ+ community and beyond. Join us to enhance your media literacy skills, foster digital well-being, and champion a more inclusive online world.

This workshop will be an interactive virtual experience that is happening on June 8, 2pm-4pm. For questions or accommodations, please contact Sherrene DeLong (

This event is sponsored by Micron.Micron Foundation Logo