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DEI-Related Mission and Plans

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DEI-Related Missions and Plans

The following plans and initiatives helped shape NOVA's approach to diversity, equity, and inclusion as detailed in our own Diversity, Equity & Inclusion Strategic Plan.

NOVA Strategic Plan 2017-2023: Pathway to the American Dream

"NOVA is dedicated to ensuring every student succeeds, every program achieves, and every community prospers. These strategic goals are grounded in our college's commitment to equity, excellence, empathy, evidence, and economic and social mobility (NOVA's 5Es) Our Success in achieving our strategic plan is measured by key performance indicators associated with seven objectives."

Resolution of Commitment and Support from the Northern Virginia Community College Board

A resolution from the Northern Virginia Community College Board that calls upon "NOVA's leadership, faculty and staff to seize this opportunity to act on the institution's shared values with renewed purpose and integrity, to embody - in the words of the Reverend Dr. Marting Luther King, Jr., the 'inescapable network of mutuality' in achieving and sustaining our educational commitments to the region."

VCCS Chancellor's Task Force on Diversity Report

"The recommendations of the Task Force listed under A Call for Action include tangible strategies designed to result in desired outcomes linked to the strategic goals of the system. They should make the VCCS a model for diversity that is reflective of our aspiration to be a high performance organization and a world-class community college system. The recommendations are also aimed at increasing the demographic diversity of the VCCS so that teaching faculty and leaders look more like the communities we serve as well, the recommendations are intended to help the VCCS and colleges create inclusive communities where everyone feels empowered to fully participate and succeed."

VCCS Strategic Plan: Opportunity 2027

A six-year strategic plan laser-focused on eliminating equity gaps across Virginia's 23 community colleges.