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Inclusive Excellence

Inclusive Excellence is a model designed to integrate diversity, equity and inclusion throughout an organization. It centers diversity efforts into the core of our infrastructure. Applying Inclusive Excellence goals, actions and metrics lead to infusing diversity into our college culture. Inclusive Excellence means an organization has adopted means for the consistent, clear, and collaborative integration of diversity, equity, and inclusion into the pursuit of excellence.

To learn more about NOVA's plan for Inclusive Excellence, as well as our metrics, and results, click on the goals below.

To learn more about NOVA's DEI plan, click here.

Achieve and maintain a more diverse and inclusive undergraduate and graduate/professional student body, faculty and staff, and administration.

Create and sustain an organizational environment that affirms and respects diversity and employs inclusive practices throughout its daily operations. 

Engage students, faculty, staff, alumni, and the community, in learning varied perspectives of domestic and international diversity, equity, inclusion, and social justice.

Create and sustain an institutional infrastructure that effectively supports progress and accountability in achieving DE&I goals.

Leverage institutional philanthropy and community partnerships to improve outcomes in local and regional communities.