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RAD 100 Intro to Radiology And Protection
RAD 105 Introduction to Radiology, Protection and Patient Care
RAD 115 Princ/of Magnetic Resonance Imaging
RAD 121 Radiographic Procedures I
RAD 125 Patient Care Procedures
RAD 131 Elementary Clinical Procedures I
RAD 135 Elementary Clinical Procedures II
RAD 136 Clinical Procedures For MRI
RAD 141 Principles of Radiographic Quality I
RAD 142 Principles of Radiographic Quality II
RAD 196 On-Site Training
RAD 199 Supervised Study
RAD 205 Radiation Protection And Radiobiolog
RAD 215 Correlated Radiographic Theory
RAD 221 Radiographic Procedures II
RAD 231 Advanced Clinical Procedures I
RAD 232 Advanced Clinical Procedures II
RAD 240 Radiographic Pathology
RAD 242 Computed Tomography Proced/Instrumen.
RAD 246 Special Procedures
RAD 247 Cross-Sectional Anatomy
RAD 255 Radiographic Equipment
RAD 298 Case Studies in MRI
RAD 299 Supervised Study