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Alexandria; Woodbridge;

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Photography is part of the Liberal Arts Division at Alexandria

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703.845.6241 or 703.845.6242

Courses & Course Content Summary

DescriptionContent Summary
PHT 101 Photography I
PHT 102 Photography II
PHT 103 Black and White Darkroom Photography I
PHT 104 Black and White Darkroom Photography II
PHT 110 History of Photography
PHT 130 Video I
PHT 131 Video II
PHT 198 Seminar And Project
PHT 199 Supervised Study
PHT 201 Advanced Photography I
PHT 202 Advanced Photography II
PHT 211 Color Photography I
PHT 221 Studio Lighting I
PHT 222 Studio Lighting II
PHT 227 Photographic Careers
PHT 231 Photojournalism I
PHT 235 Documentary Photography
PHT 247 Alternative Photographic Processes
PHT 256 Communicating Through the Photographic Sequence
PHT 265 Mass Media into the Twenty-First Century
PHT 270 Digital Imaging I
PHT 271 Digital Imaging II
PHT 274 Digital Film Editing and Post Production
PHT 297 Cooperative Education
PHT 298 Seminar And Project
PHT 299 Supervised Study