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Alexandria; Annandale; ELI - Online Learning; Loudoun; Manassas; Woodbridge;

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Music is part of the Liberal Arts Division at Alexandria

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703.845.6241 or 703.845.6242

Music is part of the Liberal Arts Division at Annandale

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ELI - Online Learning

Music is part of the Online Learning at ELI - Online Learning

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Music is part of the Graphic & Humanities Division at Woodbridge

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Courses & Course Content Summary

DescriptionContent Summary
MUS 8 Fundamentals of Music
MUS 101 Basic Musicianship I
MUS 102 Basic Musicianship II
MUS 111 Music Theory I
MUS 112 Music Theory II
MUS 121 Music Appreciation I
MUS 122 Music Appreciation II
MUS 130 Overview of The Recording Industry
MUS 131 Class Voice I
MUS 132 Class Voice II
MUS 133 Recording Systems Services I
MUS 134 Recording Systems Services II
MUS 135 Jazz Ensemble
MUS 136 Applied Music-Voice
MUS 137 Chorus
MUS 138 Small Vocal Ensemble
MUS 140 Introduction to Recording Techniques
MUS 141 Class Piano I
MUS 142 Class Piano II
MUS 143 Chamber Ensemble
MUS 144 Jazz Chamber Ensemble
MUS 145 Applied Music - Keyboard
MUS 146 Percussion Ensemble
MUS 147 Applied Music Composition
MUS 148 Orchestra
MUS 149 Band
MUS 151 Music Technology
MUS 155 Applied Music - Woodwinds
MUS 157 Sound Studio Design
MUS 158 Recording Studio Electronics
MUS 159 Improvisational Techniques
MUS 161 Class Strings I
MUS 163 Guitar Theory And Practice I
MUS 164 Guitar Theory And Practice II
MUS 165 Applied Music - Strings
MUS 166 String Ensemble
MUS 175 Applied Music - Brass
MUS 179 Music Copyright Law
MUS 185 Applied Music - Percussion
MUS 211 Advanced Music Theory I
MUS 212 Advanced Music Theory II
MUS 213 Composition I
MUS 214 Composition II
MUS 221 History of Music I
MUS 222 History of Music II
MUS 225 The History of Jazz
MUS 227 Editing And Mixdown Techniques
MUS 231 Advanced Class Voice I
MUS 232 Advanced Class Voice II
MUS 235 Advanced Recording Techniques
MUS 236 Advanced Applied Music - Voice
MUS 237 Chorus
MUS 238 Small Vocal Ensemble
MUS 239 Advanced Jazz Ensemble
MUS 240 Advanced Jazz Chamber Ensemble
MUS 241 Advanced Class Piano I
MUS 242 Advanced Class Piano II
MUS 243 Advanced Applied Music Composition
MUS 245 Advanced Applied Music - Keyboard
MUS 248 Orchestra
MUS 249 Band
MUS 255 Advanced Applied Music - Woodwinds
MUS 259 Advanced Improvisational Techniques
MUS 265 Advanced Applied Music - Strings
MUS 266 Advanced String Ensemble
MUS 275 Advanced Applied Music - Brass
MUS 278 Multichannel Recording Workshop
MUS 285 Advanced Applied Music - Percussion
MUS 288 Recording Problems Seminar
MUS 290 Coordinated Internship
MUS 293 Studies In:
MUS 297 Cooperative Education