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Medical Laboratory

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DescriptionContent Summary
MDL 90 Coordinated Practice
MDL 100 Intro. to Medical Laboratory Tech.
MDL 101 Intro to Med Lab Techniques
MDL 105 Phlebotomy
MDL 106 Clinical Phlebotomy
MDL 110 Urinalysis And Body Fluids
MDL 125 Clinical Hematology I
MDL 127 Hematology
MDL 130 Basic Clinical Microbiology
MDL 140 Clinical Urinalysis
MDL 193 Studies in:
MDL 196 On-Site Training
MDL 198 Seminar And Project
MDL 215 Immunology
MDL 216 Blood Banking
MDL 225 Clinical Hematology II
MDL 243 Introduction to Clinical Molecular Diagnostics
MDL 251 Clinical Microbiology I
MDL 252 Clinical Microbiology II
MDL 260 Laboratory Instrumentation
MDL 261 Clinical Chem And Instrumentation I
MDL 263 Clinical Chemistry and Instrumentation III
MDL 265 Advanced Clinical Chemistry
MDL 266 Clinical Chemistry Techniques
MDL 276 Clinical Hematology Techniques
MDL 277 Clinical Blood Banking Techniques
MDL 278 Clinical Microbiology Techniques II
MDL 281 Clinical Correlations
MDL 296 On-Site Training In: Clin. Med. Asst
MDL 297 Cooperative Education
MDL 298 Seminar And Project
MDL 299 Supervised Study