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Alexandria; Annandale; ELI- Online Learning; Loudoun; Manassas;

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Health is part of the Liberal Arts Division at Annandale

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ELI- Online Learning

Health is part of the Online Learning at ELI- Online Learning

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Health is part of the Natural and Applied Science Division at Loudoun

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Courses & Course Content Summary

DescriptionContent Summary
HLT 95 A & P Review
HLT 105 Cardiopulmonary Resuscitation
HLT 106 First Aid And Safety
HLT 110 Concepts of Personal & Community Health
HLT 138 Principles of Nutrition
HLT 141 Introduction to Medical Terminology
HLT 143 Medical Terminology I
HLT 145 Ethics For Healthcare Personnel
HLT 170 Introduction to Massage
HLT 180 Therapeutic Massage I
HLT 196 On-Site Training
HLT 198 Seminar And Project
HLT 199 Supervised Study
HLT 200 Human Sexuality
HLT 206 Exercise Science
HLT 215 Personal Stress and Stress Management
HLT 220 Concepts of Disease
HLT 250 General Pharmacology
HLT 271 Physical Care Management of the Older Adult
HLT 272 Medical Management of the Older Adult
HLT 280 Therapeutic Massage II
HLT 281 Therapeutic Massage III
HLT 296 On-Site Training In:
HLT 298 Seminar & Project
HLT 299 Supervised Study