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Health Information Management

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ELI- Online Learning; Medical;

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ELI- Online Learning

Courses & Course Content Summary

DescriptionContent Summary
HIM 100 Intro/Health Care Delivery System
HIM 110 Introduction to Human Pathology
HIM 111 Medical Terminology
HIM 121 Medical Transcription I
HIM 122 Medical Transcription II
HIM 130 Healthcare Information Systems
HIM 141 Fundamentals of Health Information Systems I
HIM 142 Fundamentals of Health Information Systems II
HIM 151 Reimbursement Issues in Medical Practice Mgmt
HIM 196 On-Site Training
HIM 198 Seminar And Project
HIM 199 Supervised Study
HIM 200 Survey of Healthcare Administration
HIM 215 Health Data Classification Systems
HIM 220 Health Statistics
HIM 225 Quality Assurance in Healthcare
HIM 226 Legal Aspects/Health Record Documentation
HIM 229 Performance Improvement in Health Care Settings
HIM 230 Information Systems and Technology in Health Care
HIM 233 Electronic Health Records Management
HIM 249 Supervision & Mgt. Practices For HIM
HIM 250 Health Data Classification Systems
HIM 251 Clinical Practice I
HIM 252 Clinical Practice II
HIM 254 Advanced Coding & Reimbursement
HIM 255 Health Data Class. Systems II/CPT
HIM 260 Pharmacology For Health Info Management
HIM 280 HIM Capstone
HIM 296 On-Site Training in:
HIM 297 Cooperative Education
HIM 298 Seminar And Project