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Communication Studies and Theatre

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Alexandria; Annandale; ELI - Online Learning; Loudoun; Manassas; Woodbridge;

Degrees, Certificates and Specialization

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ELI - Online Learning

Courses & Course Content Summary

DescriptionContent Summary
CST 90 Coordinated Internship
CST 100 Principles of Public Speaking
CST 110 Introduction to Communication
CST 111 Voice And Diction I
CST 114 Introduction to Mass Media
CST 115 Small Group Communication
CST 116 Speech Workshop
CST 120 Screenwriting
CST 125 Interviewing
CST 126 Interpersonal Communication
CST 127 Workshop in Interpersonal Skills
CST 130 Introduction to The Theatre
CST 131 Acting I
CST 132 Acting II
CST 136 Theatre Workshop
CST 137 Oral Interpretation
CST 140 Acting for the Camera
CST 141 Theatre Appreciation I
CST 145 Stagecraft
CST 151 Film Appreciation I
CST 152 Film Appreciation II
CST 160 Improvisation I
CST 161 Improvisation II
CST 193 Studies in:
CST 196 On-Site Training in:
CST 198 Seminar And Project
CST 199 Supervised Study
CST 200 Advanced Public Speaking
CST 201 Introduction to Communication Theory and Research
CST 227 Business and Professional Communication
CST 229 Intercultural Communication
CST 233 Rehearsal And Performance I
CST 234 Rehearsal And Performance II
CST 240 Basic Set Design
CST 241 Introduction to Directing I
CST 242 Introduction to Directing II
CST 245 Basic Lighting
CST 250 The Art of The Film
CST 251 Stage Lighting And Sound
CST 253 Production and Stage Management
CST 267 Creative Drama
CST 270 Film Directing
CST 290 Coordinated Internship
CST 293 Studies In:
CST 297 Cooperative Education
CST 298 Seminar And Project
CST 299 Supervised Study