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About Annandale

In 1965, Northern Virginia Technical College opened for classes with 761 students in the Carlyn Springs Road warehouse, located in Bailey's Crossroads. To accommodate an ever-growing student body, the College purchased 78 acres in Annandale in 1966 to build the first campus site.

Originally known as the Central Campus, the Annandale Campus opened its first building in 1967. Today, Annandale is the largest campus site, offering more than 40 programs of study. The campus includes several classroom buildings, a gymnasium, theater, greenhouse, police station, the Ernst Community Cultural Center and the Center for Workforce Development.

Provost Welcome

Provost Pam HilbertWelcome to NOVA's Annandale Campus!

We are a proud part of the services and history of Northern Virginia Community College, and we look forward to having you -- students, clients, employees, partners, advisory board members, community members -- as part of NOVA. The Annandale campus first registered students Sept 28, 1967 as the Central Campus of Northern Virginia Community College, so we will be celebrating fifty great years of service in the coming months. Our students and employees and others on campus will be part of building successes going into the next fifty years.

Faculty and Staff on the Annandale campus bring diverse backgrounds with excellent experience and top education. They are well respected in their fields of expertise. They spend time in classrooms, clubs and collaborations in order to ensure that students' progress successfully through education while also gaining worthwhile life experiences and having fun along the way. In classrooms and laboratories, students do relevant and rigorous work with their faculty and their peers. Learning and Technology Resources Staff provide access to supplemental materials, tutoring, and study spaces for individuals and groups. Often, Faculty provide enrichment activities via field trips or special projects. Student Services Staff support students in learning and living, both when times are good and when times are rough. Staff and Faculty across campus join together in facilitating many student clubs and organizations to allow students to network and grow together.

The Workforce Development Staff offers short term work-related training classes on the Annandale Campus, and our campus partners with other NOVA campuses to provide the student Success Conference in August on all campuses. The NOVA Athletics Sports teams want your support cheering at the games, and the Athletics Department offers intramural competitions as well. For your safety, NOVA assigns certified Police Officers and Emergency Management Personnel to each campus. There are also people to help with learning how to pay for college (financial aid, scholarships), choosing a program of study (major), taking the right classes (academic advising) transportation questions and more. The campus offers a friendly bookstore run by Barnes and Noble (and yes, Starbucks Cafe) as well as a full service cafeteria for delicious, low-cost breakfast and lunch options.

Whatever your educational needs, we are happy to serve. The website offers much information, but we encourage you to visit the campus and check in with Counselors at the CA building to learn about the opportunities at NOVA and at the Annandale Campus.

Pam T. Hilbert
Northern Virginia Community College
Annandale Campus
8333 Little River Turnpike
Annandale, VA 22003-3796

Phone: 703.503-6383
Office: CG 202

Provost Staff Minutes







Provost and Office Staff

Office of the Provost

Pam Hilbert - Provost
Office: CG-202
Phone: 703.323.3223
Fax: 703.323.3215
Email: philbert@nvcc.edu

Rizwan Rahman – Director of Campus Operations
Office: CG-202
Phone: 703.425.5194
Fax: 703.323.3215
Email: rrahman@nvcc.edu

Gabi Cueva - Executive Assistant
Office: CG-202
Phone: 703.323.3223
Fax: 703.323.3215
Email:  gcueva@nvcc.edu   

Student Development

Dr. Ellen Fancher-Ruiz - Dean of Students
Office: CA-315
Phone: 703.323.3382
Fax: 703.323.3559
Email: efancherruiz@nvcc.edu 

Languages, Arts, and Social Sciences (LASS)

Jen Daniels - Academic Dean
Office: CM-342A
Phone: 703.323.3184
Email: jdaniels@nvcc.edu  

John (Jay) Steere - Associate Dean for ENG
Office: CN-230A
Phone: 703.764.5030
Email: jsteere@nvcc.edu 

Antonia (Tonia) Rodgers - Associate Dean for ASL, ESL, and WLL
Office: CM-342B
Phone: 703.425.0736

Hemchand Gossai - Associate Dean for ECO, GEO, HIS, PLS, PHI, PSY, REL, and SOC
Office: CN-202A
Phone: 703.323.3042
Email: hgossai@nvcc.edu 

Jennifer (Jen) Rainey - Associate Dean for ART, CST, HUM, and MUS
Office: CM-342C
Phone: 703.764.5034
Email: jrainey@nvcc.edu 

Mathematics, Sciences, Technology, and Business (MSTB)

Abbas Eftekhari - Academic Dean
Office: CS-208
Phone: 703.323.3109
Email: aeftekhari@nvcc.edu 

Karen Walters - Associate Dean for MCR, MTH, and MTT
Office: CT-226B
Phone: 703.323.3181
Email: kwalters@nvcc.edu 

Richard Fiesel - Associate Dean for ACC, ARC, BUS, CAD, CSC, EGR, FIN, MKT, and IT Shared Responsibilities.
Office: CC-220F
Phone: 703.323.3157
Email: rfiesel@nvcc.edu

Mary Vander Maten - Associate Dean for BIO, ENV, NAS, PED, HLT, and RPK
Office: CS-204B
Phone: 703.323.3228
Email: mvandermate@nvcc.edu

Ben Wang - Associate Dean for ADJ, CHM, DIT, GOL, HRI, PHY, and TRV.
Office: CS-204A
Phone: 703.323.3730
Email: bwang@nvcc.edu 

Learning & Technology Resources (LTR)

Elizabeth Dellavedova - Director, Library Services & Academic Support
Office: CG-302A
Phone: 703.323.3066
Email: braddlee@nvcc.edu 

Kim Johnston - Administrative and Financial Specialist
Office: CG-206B

Evening Administration

Dr. Andrew Goldstein - Coordinator
Office: CT-233
Phone: 703.323.3723
Fax: 703.323.4135
Email: agoldstein@nvcc.edu

Business Office

Mitch Markon - Acting Business Manager
Office: CA-104
Phone: 703.323.3132
Fax: 703.323.3467
Email: mmarkon@nvcc.edu 

Forum Council

NOVA's Forum Council is part of the College Forum. The Forum, according to its Constitution and Bylaws, is "representative of teaching faculty, administrative faculty and students and classified staff and shall be composed of a College Senate, a Forum Council on each campus and the standing committees of the College Forum."

Forum Council serves the college community by performing the following functions:

  • Expressing the viewpoints of administrators, faculty, classified staff and students on issues that are relevant to a particular campus.
  • Advising and seeking advice from the Provost on campus issues.
  • Making specific recommendations to or communicating with campus committees, college committees and the College Senate.
  • Submitting, through the Provost, advice and recommendations to the College President.
  • Receiving recommendations from the Instructional and Student Services and Personnel Services College committees for deliberation and action.
  • Assisting in the selection of members for the College Senate. Enhancing the learning environment on campus.
  • Establishing committees, as needed, to fulfill the Campus Council’s responsibilities to the college community.

The Annandale Forum Council meets the first Thursday of the month during the nine-month academic calendar. There is often no meeting in January due to the holiday break. The meetings convene at 3:30 p.m. usually in the Provost’s Conference Room in the Godwin Building.

Visitors are welcome at the Forum Council meetings. As noted in the College Forum Constitution: "Any member of the faculty, staff or student body shall have the right to attend meetings of the Forum Council but shall not be entitled to have the floor unless he or she is reporting at the request of the Council, or his or her petition has been granted prior approval by the chair of the Forum Council."

Forum Council Membership, Minutes and Agendas

2020/21 Members

  • Dr. Felicia Blakeney (CS), Senator
  • Melissa Chabot (TF)
  • Kelly L. DeSenti (Chair; AF)
  • Hengameh Fatehimanesh (CS)
  • Ary Sergio Dib Das Filho (Student Government Representative)
  • Dr. Andrew Goldstein (Vice Chair, AF), Senator
  • Trish Kurban (TF), Senator
  • Jessie Macko (Secretary; PF)
  • Dr. Karen Murph (TF)
  • Dr. Manori Nadesalingam (TF), Senator
  • Regina Sanders (PF), Senator
  • Dr. Nataliya Schetchikova (TF)
  • Carol Thurston (TF)
  • Dr. Karen Walters (TF)
  • Laurie Wessely-Baldwin (Adjunct Faculty Representative)
  • Jennifer Winters (TF)


May 7, 2020
March 19, 2015


April 10, 2020
April 2, 2020
March 5, 2020
February 6, 2020
December 5, 2019
November 7, 2019
October 3, 2019

September 4, 2019
May 2, 2019
April 4, 2019
March 7, 2019
February 7, 2019
December 6, 2018
November 1, 2018
October 4, 2018
September 6, 2018

April 5, 2018
March 1, 2018
February 1, 2018
February 2, 2017

December 1, 2016
November 3, 2016
October 6, 2016
September 1, 2016
May 5, 2016
April 7, 2016
March 3, 2016
February 4, 2016
January 14, 2016
November 5, 2015
October 1, 2015
December 4, 2014
November 6, 2014
October 2, 2014
September 14, 2014
May 1, 2014



Achieve the Dream Committee


  • Ritu Kansal (CHM) - Co-Chair
  • Philip Tirpak (CST) - Co-Chair


  • Cheri Spiegel (ENG)
  • Beth Schomber (CHM)
  • Elizabeth Dellavedova (LTR) - Data Rep.
  • Elizabeth Dinkelman (MTH)
  • Jen Daniels (LASS Dean)
  • Jen Sayasithensa (Pol Sc)
  • Joan Passino (PSY)
  • John Schmitz (HIS)
  • Joann Credle (SS)
  • Jovana Pantovic (BUS)
  • Karen Van Horn (ESL)
  • Katherine Geiser-Bush (CHM)
  • Kelly DeSenti (SS)
  • Kimberly Wright (SS)
  • Melanie Medina (LTR)
  • Nicole Tong (Dev. ENG)
  • Pam Hilbert (Provost)
  • Peter Jo (BIO)
  • Rashmi Chilka (HIS)
  • Rima Gulshan (ENG)

Adjunct Advisory Committee

The role of the newly-established Adjunct Advisory Committee is to provide advocacy for the vast adjunct community in the operation of the college at large, addressing the needs, concerns, and interests of the adjunct population. Interested in joining? Contact Laurie Wessely-Baldwin at lwesselybaldwin@nvcc.edu.


  • Laurie Wessely-Baldwin, Chair

Annandale Campus Reward & Recognition Committee


  • Memuna Sillah


  • Abe Eftekhari - Dean
  • Beth Schomber
  • Carol Ischinger
  • Debbie Shaffer
  • Glenda Sorto

Beautification Committee

The role of the Beautification Committee is to make recommendations to ensure that the campus is aesthetically appealing to faculty, students and guests.


  • Cheryl Robinette


  • Afshin Tavassoli
  • Karen Bushaw-Newton
  • Judith Gomez
  • Lawson Earl
  • Rima Gulshan
  • Supanand Wolf
  • Virginia Pates
Committee Minutes:

Annandale Nature Trail:

Bookstore Committee

The role of the Bookstore Committee is to review current practices, procedures and policies in the bookstore and to recommend books, software, apparel and supplies to support the needs of the students, faculty and staff.



  • Charlie Dy


  • Ben Wang (MSE)
  • Bookstore Representative
  • Carol Ischinger (ESL)
  • Cheryl Rohrbaugh (Counseling)
  • Erica Thompson (BPS, Accounting)
  • Jane Friedmann (ENG)
  • Karen Kusterer (ENG)
  • Kiet Quach (LA)
  • Mitch Markon - Business Manager
  • Nataliya Schetchikova (ESL) - Secretary
  • Ramon Perez (L&L)
  • Randa Gray (ENG)
  • Samira Topchubashova (MSE)
  • Tanes Kanchanawanchai (MSE)
  • Tildon Turner (ENG)
  • William Schutz - (L&L)

Meeting Minutes:

Community Involvement Committee (and Subcommittee for Welcome Week)


  • TBA


  • Beth Schomber
  • Bob Hull
  • Deanna DeGidio
  • Janet Largaespada
  • John Ahmad
  • LaTonia White
  • Nataliya Schetchikova
  • Raji Subramanian
  • Samira Topchubashova
  • Sophia Sexton
  • ViNita Warren-Nickens
  • Vicky White
  • William Mallon
  • Walter O'Brien
  • Yoo-Kyung (Yookie) Lee

Diversity & Inclusion Committee


  • Hemchand Gossai


  • Felicia Blakeney
  • Cheri Bridgeforth
  • Mihaela Chamberlin
  • Joann Credle
  • Regina Derzon
  • Charlie Dy
  • Nathaniel Green
  • Sana Hilmi
  • Shannon Ingram
  • Huey-Jane Liao
  • Margarita Martinez
  • Linda Millington
  • Stephen Mosley
  • Catalina Novac
  • Ann Stegner
  • Afshin Tavassoli
  • Sharon Tindall
  • Douglas Vibert
  • Christina Wells

Food Services Committee

The role of the Food Services Committee is to discuss food service concerns, issues, ideas and suggestions for improvement.


  • Rizwan Rahman


  • Annandale SGA President
  • Cheryl Robinette
  • Edgar Fernandez
  • Karima Ali (EuroCafe)
  • Stephen Harrelson

Green Committee (and Subcommittee for Green Festival)

The role of the Green Committee is to empower faculty, staff and students to become more environmentally aware by providing information and methods that promote a sustainable lifestyle.


  • Michael Peglar (Biology)

Members (College Administrators):

  • Bob Hull (President's Office)
  • Cheryl Robinette (President's Office)
  • Pamela Hilbert (Annandale Provost)
  • Robert Johnson (President's Office)

Members (Biology Faculty):

  • Deborah Shaffer
  • Jill Caporale
  • Karen Bushaw-Newton
  • Kirk Goolsby
  • Karen Murph
  • Kenneth Rasmussen
  • Rebecca Wright

Members (Geology Faculty):

  • Callan Bentley
  • Kenneth Rasmussen
  • Shelley Jaye

Members (Chemistry Faculty):

  • Beth Schomber
  • Manori Nadesalingam
  • Ritu Kansal
  • Yohannes Tesema

Members (Language Faculty):

  • Sana Hilmi

Honors Committee

The role of the Campus Honors Committee is to advise, develop, and recommend policies, procedures, and regulations concerning honors classes.


  • Kristen Simmons (Stefanie Shipe, Interim for Fall 2019)


  • Jeanette Nicewinter
  • Kevin Simons
  • Kristin Balbuena
  • Lacey Faunce
  • Rashmi Chilka
  • Stefanie Shipe

International Committee

The role of the International Committee is to address ways to ensure that our international students become acclimated to the norms and culture of the College and the local community. The committee will work with the College staff to host and serve as goodwill ambassadors for international visitors.


  • Cheri Bridgeforth


  • Aeyoung Jang
  • Chamath Hettiarachchi
  • Grace Lin Hwang
  • Jennifer Winters
  • Karen Van Horn
  • Zenbaba Wordoffa

Lyceum Committee 

The role of the Lyceum Committee is to plan and host educational, social and cultural enrichment activities for faculty, students and staff.


  • Melissa Chabot
  • Bob Hull (Chair Elect)


  • Adam Chiles
  • Carol Ischinger
  • Ilya Temkin
  • Jeffrey Sager
  • Jen Sayasithsena
  • Jill Caporale
  • John Schmitz
  • Memuna Sillah
  • Mihaela Chamberlin
  • Ritu Kansal

Recreation, Wellness & Fun Committee


  • Regina Sanders


  • Alycia Papa
  • Amy Moore - Common Health
  • Cecil "C.J." Jackson
  • Chante Thomas
  • Cheryl Rohrbaugh
  • Mary Atkins
  • Matthew (Tank) McCarl
  • Vicky White

Safety, Emergency Preparedness, and ADA Compliance Committee (SEPAC)

The Safety, Emergency Preparedness and ADA Compliance Committee (SEPAC) periodically reviews campus safety policies and procedures. The Committee reviews campus plans and procedures for responding to emergencies that threaten the safety of the Annandale campus community or disrupt campus operations. The Committee stays informed about emergency response plans within the local jurisdiction that are applicable to the campus. In addition, the committee seeks to promote an active interest on the part of all campus personnel in the practice of a safer working environment. The committee actively engages in dialog with Office of Emergency Management, Police Services and the Facilities Department regarding fire inspections, fire drills, health, safety and hazard checks, accident investigations, and safety bulletins. Finally, the Committee reviews ADA compliance concerns/questions and escalates matters to College Administration and various departments such as Police, Facilities and the Office of Emergency Management as appropriate.


  • Rizwan Rahman


  • Abbas Eftekhari
  • Andrew Goldstein
  • Ben Wang
  • Cheryl Robinette
  • Dave Cook
  • Ellen Fancher-Ruiz
  • Jen Daniels
  • Jen Rainey
  • Lawson Earl
  • Mary Vander Maten
  • Nathaniel Sellers
  • Rick Feisel
  • Stephen Harrelson
  • Tony Ong
  • Wayne Ledford

Science, Technology, Engineering & Math Committee (STEM)


  • Ritu Kansal                                                                 


  • Alexander Bohn
  • Ioannis Gkigkitzis
  • Joe Roberts
  • Katie Geiser-Bush
  • Kumnit Nong
  • Mihaela Chamberlin                                                          
  • Peter Jo
  • Peter Williams

Teaching, Learning & Technology Committee (TLT)

The role of the TL/TR Committee is to bring together representatives from across the campus community in order to assess the current state of campus technology in support of teaching and learning, explore and evaluate new technologies for supporting teaching and learning, and, facilitate better planning, decision making, and support for faculty and students regarding the implementation and use of technologies in teaching and learning.


  • Tom Rushford (Braddlee and Wayne Ledford - Ex Officio)


  • Afshin Tavassoli
  • John Schmitz
  • Nataliya Schetchikova
  • Nicole Tong

Meeting Minutes: