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MEC Orientation

MEC Orientation Registration

Please complete this form to register for a MEC Orientation session. Remember that you must have successfully applied to the College, have a valid Student ID number and have been accepted for admission to the Medical Education Campus to attend MEC Orientation.

*First Name:
*Last Name
*Zip Code:
*Daytime Phone:
*Evening Phone:
*Your College Email Address:  
*Confirm College Email Address:  
*Do you have a current NOVA Parking Permit?  
Are there any other accommodations you may need?

*Program of Acceptance  


*Please select one of the following NSO sessions:

***This orientation is ONLY for students who have completed the MEC application process and have been officially offered admission by the academic program. Students interested in applying to MEC Programs in the future should view an online information session and attend a SOAR-Student Orientation Advising and Registration session and New Student Orientation at another NOVA campus.