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NOVA 2012-2013 College Catalog: Programs of Study

Discontinued SP 2013

Career Studies Certificate AN

Purpose:  This program is designed to prepare students to sit for the Certified Residential Appraiser exam required for licensing by the federal Appraisal Qualifications Board. The program complies with the requirements adopted by the Appraisal Qualification Board effective January 1, 2008. In addition to completing this program, students must take the USPAP course through continuing education to qualify for the Virginia Certified Residential Appraiser License. Students must also have an associate degree or higher from an accredited college. In lieu of the required degree, 21 semester credit hours covering the following subject matter must be completed: English composition; principles of economics (micro or macro); finance; algebra, geometry or higher mathematics; statistics, computer science; and business or real estate law. Students must also complete an apprenticeship for this class of license.

One Year Credits
1st Semester
1ENG/CST Elective 3
2REA 198 Seminar and Project 1
REA 216 Real Estate Appraisal 3
REA 217 Real Estate Finance 3
Total   10
2nd Semester
BUS 220 Introduction to Business Statistics 3
REA 218 Appraising the Single Family Res. 3
REA 236 State Certified Residential Appraiser 1
3REA 298 Seminar and Project 2
Total   9
Total credits for the Real Estate Residential Appraisal Career Studies Certificate=19

All first-time students must take a one-credit Student Development (SDV) course prior to enrolling in their 16th credit at NVCC.

1 The ENG/CST requirement may be met by ENG 111 or other ENG courses approved by your advisor, or by CST 100, 110, 115, 126, 227 or 229.

2 REA 216 is a prerequisite for REA 198. Courses will be offered in 8-week sessions to allow this.

3 REA 198 and REA 218 are prerequisites for REA 298.