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NOVA 2012-2013 College Catalog: Programs of Study


Emissions Specialization
Code: 9091 Catalog Year: 2012-2013
Associate of Applied Science Degree   AL, MA
  Courses Credits Grade
Two Years
AUT 100 Intro to Automotive Shop Practices 2  
AUT 111 Automotive Engines I 4  
AUT 121 Automotive Fuel Systems I 4  
AUT 122 Automotive Fuel Systems II 4  
AUT 141 Auto Power Trains I 4  
AUT 142 Automotive Power Trains II 4  
AUT 215 Emissions Systems Diagnosis/Repair 2  
AUT 226 Advanced ASM Emissions Diagnostics 2  
AUT 236 Automotive Climate Control 4  
2AUT 241 Automotive Electricity I 4  
AUT 242 Automotive Electricity II 4  
AUT 265 Automotive Braking Systems 4  
AUT 266 Automotive Alignment, Suspension & Steering 4  
CST 110 Intro to Communication 3  
ENG 111 College Composition I or 3  
  Technical Report Writing I    
5___ ___    Humanities/Fine Arts Elective 3  
ITE 115 Intro to Computer Applications & Concepts 3  
3PED 116 Lifetime Fitness & Wellness 1  
3PED/RPK Elective 1  
PHY 101 Intro to Physics I or 3-4  
  Math for the Liberal Arts I or    
  PHY  130  Survey of Applied Physics    
4___ Social Science Elective 3  
1SDV 100 College Success Skills 1  
Total   67-68  
Total credits for the Emissions Specialization=67-68

1Students may substitute the SDV 101 Orientation section related to this program.

2 Students may substitute DSL 141 Transportation Electrical Systems I plus DSL 143 Diesel Truck Electrical Systems. Both courses must be taken in order to make this substitution.

3 The PED requirement may be met by one of the following options: PED 116, 2 cr.; PED 116, 1 cr. plus a PED activities course, 1 cr.; or PED 116, 1 cr. plus RPK activities course. PED 116 is offered as both a 1-credit and a 2-credit course.

4The social science elective may be selected from the social/behavioral sciences courses listed under General Education Electives.

5 Humanities/fine arts elective may be selected from the humanities/fine arts courses listed under General Education Electives.