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NOVA 2012-2013 College Catalog: Programs of Study


Teacher Education Specialization
Code: 8822 Catalog Year: 2012-2013
Associate of Science Degree   AL, AN, LO, MA, WO, ELI
  Courses Credits Grade
Two Years
BIO 101 General Biology I 4  
BIO 102 General Biology II 4  
CST 110 Intro to Communication 3  
ECO 201 Principles of Macroeconomics or 3  
  Principles of Microeconomics    
EDU 200 Introduction to Teaching as a Profession 3  
3ENG 200 Level Literature Elective 3  
ENG 111 College Composition I 3  
2ENG 112 College Composition II 3  
4___ General Elective 3  
GEO 210 People & the Land: Intro to Cultural Geography 3  
HIS 101 History of Western Civilization I or 3  
  History of Western Civilization II    
HIS 121 United States History I 3  
HIS 122 United States History II 3  
HLT 110 Concepts of Personal & Community Health 3  
5___ ___    Humanities/Fine Arts Elective 3  
5___ ___    Humanities/Fine Arts Elective 3  
ITE 115 Intro to Computer Applications & Concepts or 3  
  Introduction to Computing    
1MTH 151 Mathematics for the Liberal Arts I 3  
1MTH 152 Math for the Liberal Arts 3  
PLS 135 American National Politics 3  
SDV 101 Orientation to Education 1  
Total   63  
Total credits for the Teacher Education Specialization =63

1 Students should make choices after consulting with Teacher Education Specialization Academic Advisor/Counselor on the specific requirements at the four-year Virginia institution to which they plan to transfer.

2 ENG 125 may be substituted with the advice of a counselor or academic advisor according to requirements of transfer institutions.

3 The English literature elective may be chosen from ENG 241, 242, 243, 244, 251, or 252.

4 The general elective should be selected based upon the requirements of the senior institution to which the student plans to transfer. Courses must be chosen from the list of approved electives under General Education Electives. Examples of courses recommended by some of the universities that helped develop this curriculum include ECO 201 or 202; foreign language, PSY 230, REL 231 or 232.

5 The humanities/fine arts elective may be chosen from ART 101, ART 102, ART 105, MUS 121 or MUS 122.