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NOVA 2012-2013 College Catalog: Programs of Study


Health Information Technology Code: 221-152-02 Catalog Year: 2012-2013
Career Studies Certificate   MEC
  Courses Credits Grade
One Year
HIM 100 Introduction to Health Care Delivery System 1  
HIM 130 Healthcare Information System 3  
HIM 141 Fundamentals of Health Information Systems 3  
HIM 196 On-site Training in: Working with Healthcare Information Systems 3  
HIM 229 Performance Improvements in Health Care Setting 2  
HIM 230 Information Systems and Technology in Healthcare 3  
HIM 233 Electronic Health Record Application 3  
HIM 296 On-site Training in: Configuration EHR’s 3  
1HLT 141 Introduction to Medical Terminology 1  
SDV 101 Orientation to Health Professions 1  
Total   23  
Total credits for the Health Information Technology Career Studies Certificate =23

1 Licensed health care providers wishing to challenge this course must work with their academic advisor.