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nova 2011-2012 college catalog: Programs of Study

Associate of Applied Science Degree MEC

Purpose:  This curriculum is designed to prepare students to assist occupational therapists in providing occupational therapy treatments and procedures. Graduates may, in accordance with state laws, assist in development of treatment plans; carry out routine functions, direct activity programs, and document the progress of treatments.

Transfer Information:  Transfer is not the primary purpose of an A.A.S. program, but NOVA has articulation agreements that facilitate the transfer of this and other career-oriented programs to selected senior institutions. Students interested in transfer should contact a counselor or their faculty advisor early in their program.

Admission Requirements: 

Students must:

  • Comply with all General Admission Requirements for Allied Health Programs.
  • Attend an Occupational Therapy Assistant Information Session. Visit the Web site at
  • Be a high school graduate or have obtained a GED.
  • Complete ENG 111 College Composition I, HLT 141 Introduction to Medical Terminology and SDV 101 Orientation to Health Care Careers.
  • Qualify for MTH 151 or higher on the NOVA Math Placement test. This requirement must be met prior to applying to the OTA Program.
  • Complete BIO 141-142 Human Anatomy and Physiology I-II with a grade of "C" or higher. Maintain a curricular GPA of 2.5 or higher at the last school or college attended.
  • Complete at least 16 hours of observation time with an occupational therapist (OTR) or an occupational therapy assistant (COTA). Observation hours must be documented and signed by the OTR or COTA who is supervising the applying student on a form found on the Web site at:
  • Complete a video interview for an interview committee.
  • Assure that all previous transcripts are accounted for and are on file at NOVA prior to the program application deadline date. These transfer credits must be evaluated before any transfer credit is granted. Application acceptance dates will be posted on the Web site once solidified. Admission will be on a competitive placement basis of fully-qualified candidates.
  • Once accepted, students must have current CPR Certification, a documented medical examination, criminal background check, and must maintain a "C" grade point average or higher to remain in good standing.

The Occupational Therapy Assistant A.A.S. degree below is for ADVISING PURPOSES only but it will not be open for enrollment until Spring 2013.

BIO 141 Human Anatomy and Physiology I 4
BIO 142 Human Anatomy and Physiology II 4
ENG 111 College Composition I 3
HLT 141 Introduction to Medical Terminology 1
SDV 101 Orientation to Health Care Careers 1
Total   13
Two Years Credits
1st Semester
1___ ___    Humanities/Fine Arts Elective 3
OCT 100 Intro. to Occupational Therapy 3
OCT 205 Therapeutic Media 2
PED 116 Lifetime Fitness and Welness 1
PSY 200 Principles of Psychology 3
Total   12
2nd Semester
OCT 190 Coordinated Internship in OT (Pediatrics) 1
OCT 203 Occupational Therapy with Developmental Disabilities 4
OCT 207 Therapeutic Skills 3
PSY 215 Abnormal Psych 3
PSY 230 Developmental Psych 3
Total   14
3rd Semester
OCT 190 Coordinated Internship in OT (Psychosocial Dysfunction) 1
OCT 195 Topics in Evidence Based Practice in Occupational Therapy 3
OCT 201 Occupational Therapy with Psychosocial Dysfunction 3
OCT 201 Occupational Therapy with Psychosocial Dysfunction 3
Total   10
4th Semester
OCT 190 Coordinated Internship in OT (Physical Dysfunction) 1
OCT 202 Occupational Therapy with Physical Disabilities 4
OCT 220 Occupational Therapy for the Adult 2
OCT 208 208 Occupational Therapy Service Management 3
OCT 210 Assistive Technology in Occupational Therapy 2
Total   12
5th Semester
HIM 130 Health Information System 3
OCT 295 Trends in Professional Issues in Occupational Therapy Practice 1
OCT 290 Coordinated Internship in OT 4
OCT 290 Coordinated Internship in OT 4
Total   12
Total credits for the Occupational Therapy Assistant=70 (includes 13 prerequisite credits)

1 Humanities/fine arts elective may be selected from the humanities/fine arts courses listed under General Education Electives.