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nova 2011-2012 college catalog: Programs of Study

Career Studies Certificate Offered through AN, ELI

Purpose: The one-year curriculum is designed to offer students already employed in marketing the opportunity to improve and update their skills allowing for advancement on the job. Interested students will have an opportunity to explore e-commerce as a career and become acquainted with fundamental skills.

Recommended Preparation: 

Recommended Preparation: Students should possess a proficiency in high school English.

One Year Credits
1st Semester
ENG 111 College Composition I or ENG elective 3
ITE 115 Intro to Computer Applications and Concepts 3
MKT 201 Intro to Marketing 3
1SDV 100 College Success Skills 1
Total   10
2nd Semester
MKT 282 Principles of E-Commerce 3
MKT 283 Ethical, Legal, & Privacy Issues in eCommerce or ITD 110 Web Page Design 3
Total   6
Total credits for the eCommerce Career Studies Certificate=16

1 Students may substitute the SDV 101 Orientation section related to this program.