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Threat Assessment

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Threat Assessment Team (TAT) provides consultation and support to the College community when a threat to the community has been reported. In cases of severe or extreme risk, the TAT provides guidance, recommends interventions, and facilitates communication and coordination throughout the review and intervention process.

The NOVA Threat Assessment Process started in 2009, immediately following the passage of Virginia Criminal Code Section 23-9.2:10 that mandated all colleges and universities to establish and operate campus violence prevention committees and threat assessment teams. The statute calls for a threat assessment team that includes members from law enforcement, mental health professionals, representatives of student affairs and human resources, and, if available, college or university counsel.

The Administrative Council of NOVA sought planning for such a response at NOVA. As a result, Campus Assessment, Response and Evaluation (CARE) teams, and the Threat Assessment Team were formed. On September 9, 2011, the process was officially approved by the NOVA Administrative Council. In order to implement the requirements of the law, NOVA created the NOVACares Office in 2012 to oversee the entire threat assessment process. On November 21, 2016, NOVA’s Administrative Council approved the policy. In Fall 2021, CARE teams were changed to Behavior Intervention Teams (BIT).

In Fall 2020, the NOVACares Office updated its name to The Office of Wellness and Mental Health to better communicate their purpose and role at the college. Learn more about the Threat Assessment Team process and purpose here.