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The Office of Wellness and Mental Health uses the incident reporting system to track reports focusing on these main areas:

  1. Violations of the Academic Integrity Policy,
  2. Student Needing Assistance referrals, 
  3. Violations of the Code of Conduct or Disciplinary Incidents and
  4. Sexual Misconduct or Title IX reports.

Please see the different reporting forms on the reporting landing page. If something bothers you, report it. You may feel that some behaviors are mildly concerning, and do not require intervention. In such cases, you can submit your report noting "FYI" in the narrative. Please include all pertinent information in the narrative section.  Include full information on what happened, or gave you concern, who was present, and what if any intervention already occurred. All FYI No-Intervention reports are documented and will be kept in the database in case of future reports.

Where can I report my concerns?

In non-emergency situations, please submit an Incident Report. In emergency situations, utilize the Staff/Faculty Protocol for Contacting Emergency Personnel for a Student in Crisis and Crisis Resource Card for aftercare supports. Afterward, please submit an Incident Report on the incident to let us know what happened, even if the police responded.

Who can file a report?

Anyone can complete and submit an Incident Report. If you feel that a member of the NOVA College Community (students, faculty, staff, vendors, contractors, or visitors) is displaying or exhibiting concerning behavior, you are encouraged to file a report.

Can I File a Self-Report?

Yes, you may complete an Incident Report for yourself if you need help dealing with an issue(s) that compromises your mental, emotional, or physical safety. If you need immediate intervention, please call 911.

Can I Submit a Report Anonymously?

Yes, you may submit an anonymous Incident Report by leaving the self-identification areas of the report blank. You must at least complete all mandatory fields, which are marked with "required" in red font. Anonymous reports are evaluated based on the information provided; we encourage you to include contact information so that we can follow-up on incomplete or missing information.

What happens after I submit my report?

Once you submit a report, the database will generate a confirmation response indicating that the report has been received.  The Office of Wellness and Mental Health then screens the report for immediate risk level and assigns the report to the most appropriate responder. You will receive case assignment information by email.

Is my report confidential?

NOVA strives to keep the reporter’s identity confidential. In cases of violations of the Student Code of Conduct or criminal matters, this may not be possible. However, the reporter will be notified in cases where their identity will be shared.


Will I be told how my concerns are being addressed?

Resolutions will be shared on a “need to know” basis. Due to privacy laws, you may not receive detailed information on the intervention that took place. You will receive an email from the Office of Wellness and Mental Health letting you know the report was assigned and who the lead responder is. You are encouraged to follow up with this responder if you have additional details or concerns about the incident.