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Office of Wellness and Mental Health Program

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Welcome! The Office of Wellness and Mental Health works with all members of the NOVA Community. Our program makes it easy to request assistance and/or document behavior. There are currently five primary classifications for categorizing incident reports:

  1. Academic Integrity Violation
  2. Student Needing Assistance Report (CARE Team Referral)
  3. Student Code of Conduct Violation
  4. Sexual Misconduct / Title IX
  5. Reports about Faculty or Staff behavior may be made by clicking here

Responders are trained to address every report. All incident reports submitted through the Office of Wellness and Mental Health are reviewed and assigned to an appropriate responder based on the information in the report. Concerning behavior should be reported right away.

Examples of concerning behavior are:

  • classroom disruption
  • self-destructive behavior
  • negative change in academic performance
  • writing or drawings that convey intentions of self-harm or harm to others
  • significant changes in appearance, attitude or personality
  • unusual or bizarre behavior
  • incoherent speech
  • intoxication
  • victimization
  • overly stressed
  • unresolved medical issues
  • violation of academic integrity (ex. plagiarism and cheating)
  • violent or threatening behavior and/or communication

Please click here to make a report.

Learn more about the process.


Please click here to learn about FERPA Basics.

  • Should not be impediment to effective threat assessment and case management. 
  • Governs records only, not observations, communications, etc. TAT members can ask and faculty/staff can share their observations about a student. 
  • Does not govern public records. 
  • New guidelines from USDOE encourages information sharing where public safety is a concern. 

Does not permit a private right of action, meaning that individuals or institutions cannot be liable for violations of FERPA. There have been no instances to date, where an institution has received monetary sanctions for violating FERPA. It is more likely that an institution would receive some added training from USDOE if it were found to have shared information in violation of FERPA.