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Student Learning Outcomes Assessment

Student Learning Outcomes Assessment

Announcement for Student Learning Outcome Assessment (SLOA)

In Spring 2022 and Summer 2022, the Office of Strategic Insights (OSI) listened to feedback from Administrative Council members, Deans, and faculty teams regarding planning and assessment efforts at NOVA. We thank everyone who was engaged in discussions and provided valuable insights to improve planning and assessment at NOVA.

The 2021-22 Student Learning Outcome Assessment (SLOA), formerly known as Annual Planning and Evaluation Reports (APER) for Instructional Programs, will be due on November 1, 2022, rather than September 30, 2022. The process and template will remain the same for this year. During 2022-23, OSI will work with stakeholders to improve and simplify the template, which will be used for Student Learning Outcome Assessment reports due in November 2023. Instructional programs will continue to report SLOA annually. 

Announcement for Student Learning Outcome Assessment (SLOA) 2022-23

Update Timeline
Training Dates for 2021-22 Reports September and October 2022
Graduation and Program Placement Data Available for Review September 1, 2022
Assessment Report Due Date November 1, 2022
Feedback from Assessment Office Mid-December 2022
Revision and Submission of Final Draft Report February 1, 2023
Final Feedback and Rubric Scores from Assessment Office April 2023
Programs Implement Actions for Improvement Fall 2023

NOVA’s student learning outcomes assessment cycle is an ongoing, faculty-driven process designed to monitor and improve student learning and student success at the program level. It supports the College’s vision to be a learning-centered organization that promotes student success as articulated in its Strategic Plan 2017-2023: Pathway to the American Dream, which includes three pillars:

  1. Every student succeeds,
  2. Every program achieves, and
  3. Every community prospers.

How does NOVA know whether students are succeeding and programs are achieving? Instructional programs assess and report on student learning each academic year in a document titled the Annual Planning and Evaluation Report for Instructional Programs. Each degree and certificate-granting program at NOVA develops written student learning outcomes (SLOs) which are the accumulated knowledge, skills, and attitudes that students learn during a course of study. Then faculty implement assessment activities and analyze the results to determine actions to further improve student learning.

The Office of Strategic Insights collects and publishes reports on student learning from degree and certificate granting programs each year. This report provides information on:

How Programs Measure Student Learning > How Students are Performing > How Programs Use This Data

The Office of Academic Assessment monitors the Annual Planning and Evaluation Reports (APER) for Instructional Programs and provides assistance to programs and faculty on their assessment initiatives. For more information about Student Learning Outcomes assessment, please contact: