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We encourage you and your academic advisor to use Self-Service as a method for gathering information quickly and accurately to update records and investigate options to complete degree requirements. You should run an Advisement Report prior to meeting with your advisor and know your requirements, both satisfied and not satisfied. You can verify that a course substitution has been completed or monitor your progress towards completion of degree requirements.

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The new interactive Advisement Report functionality is now available.

  • You can select a course directly from the advisement report shown as an option to complete a specific requirement.
  • After selecting a course, you can review the possible class sections, choose one and move the course directly into your Student Planner.
  • By running a PLAN report, you can preview how a course(s) will match and complete requirements prior to registration.

Once a course is in your Planner, it can be moved into a particular semester.

  • You can project your entire academic program in the Planner, moving courses into terms as needed at different registration periods.
  • During the window of time when you are preparing to enroll, courses in the Planner can be moved into the Shopping Cart.
  • When the window of time for your enrollment appointment arrives, you can register for classes from the Shopping Cart and then review the enrollments by running a new Advisement Report. You can print this report.

The data for the advisement report comes from the student enrollment records, transfer and other credit records, test results, grades, course substitution approvals, program/plan information and the catalog year requirements for each plan in which you are placed.

Additionally, course descriptions and content summaries, class section information and prerequisites are available and should be reviewed in planning completion of catalog requirements.