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Once you place courses in your Planner, you can perform a variety of tasks, to include viewing your PLAN report, moving planned courses from one term to another, deleting courses from the Planner, adding courses to the Planner from the course catalog or from the PLAN report.

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  1. Click on the Plan tab.
  2. The My Planner page will appear. It displays the courses that are in your planner. When courses are added to the planner, they initially fall into the Unassigned Courses section.
    Courses can be deleted by clicking on the garbage can symbol in the Delete column or by clicking on the Delete All button.
    Prerequisites can be viewed by clicking on the yes in the Prereq column.
    Note the  Information symbol in the Req column. Click on the symbol to view further information about the course and where it may fit into your degree requirements.
  3. Courses that have been added to the planner from the Plan By My Requirements report have the  Information symbol in the Req column; courses that have been added to the planner from the Course Catalog do not have this symbol.
  4. To move courses in the Planner into a specific term, select a course by checking the box in the Select column and use the drop down arrow to select a term. Then click the move button.
  5. The course now appears in the grid for a specific term you selected and no longer displays in the Unassigned section.
    Additional courses can be moved and/or additional terms can be added.

    Courses can also be added to the Planner directly from the Course Catalog.

  6. To add a course to the Planner from the catalog, click on the Browse Course Catalog button.
  7. Select a course by clicking on the correct alpha or numeric area for the course prefix.
  8. A list of all the course prefixes beginning with an A are displayed. Select the desired area. (Example: ACC - Accounting) Click on the ACC.
  9. A list of all the Accounting courses will display. Click in the box in the Select column to select a course to move to the Planner. For courses with multiple offerings, click on the Course Title and then select the campus.
  10. Click on the Add to Planner button.
    A message confirming the addition of the course to the Planner will appear.
    Continue adding more courses from the catalog if appropriate.
  11. Click on the My Planner tab at the top of the page and return to the planner.
    Confirm that the new course is in the Planner in the Unassigned Courses section.
    Note that the courses added from the Browse Course Catalog do not have the  Information symbol in the Req (Requirement) column. In contrast, courses added from Plan by My Requirements do have the  Information symbol.
  12. To see how your planned courses have satisfied requirements, click on the Plan By My Requirements tab at the top of the page.
  13. The Planner report will display. Click Expand All.
    Scroll through the report to see the courses with a blue star  in the Status column in the planner matching requirements. These are the courses in the planner which meet requirements for your program and plan (major).
    Courses do not have to be assigned to a term. The courses in the Planner satisfy requirements while in the Unassigned category.
  14. To print you planner report, click on view report as .PDF.
  15. Return to the Planner by clicking on the Plan tab or My Planner.