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Accept/Decline Financial Aid Award

  1. Log in to NOVAConnect by clicking on myNOVA on the NOVA home page.
  2. Click on VCCS SIS: Student Information System.
  3. Click on Self Service.
  4. Click on Student Center.

  5. Under Financial Aid, click on the Accept/Decline Awards link.

  6. Select the correct Aid Year.

  7. Enter a [√] check mark in the box to Accept or Decline loans or work-study.

    • Awards are for the entire year or for your period of enrollment if aid is received for only one term.
    • To decrease your loan amount, change the accepted amount field and update total.
    • Accepted loan amount must be at least $200.
    • Loan fees are subtracted from the total loan amount before disbursement.
    • Full subsidized loan amounts should be accepted before taking any unsubsidized loan.
  8. Click on Submit.

For Direct Loan Borrowers

Borrowers at NOVA will be doing so through the Direct Loan Program.