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Procedures and Guidelines

NOVA strives to inform our target audiences and provide a consistent voice and identity. The following documents are designed to help the NOVA community to understand what is recommended, expected and required when using these communication tools.

College Identity Guidelines
Provides you with the basic rules you need to follow whenever you speak or write about NOVA.

Digital Media System Guidelines
Gives you details about the specs you need to follow to create Digital Media slides and the procedures for how-to submit Digital Media System (DMS) requests.

Instructional Media
Describes captioning and transcript requirements for instructional media.

NOVA Style Guide
Provides you with an alphabetical list of official content standards followed by the College that must be adhered to when you publish any official NOVA materials in print or online.

NOVA Web Guidelines
Gives you details on how to present and manage Web content for NOVA’s website; it is meant to solidify NOVA's Web presence by increasing connectivity among campuses and centers, divisions, departments and offices and by unifying the College's official Web pages.

Social Media Guidelines
Outlines the various official NOVA social media that are available, the policy for participating in NOVA’s official social media pages/websites and more.