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Who We Are

Associate Vice President for Academic Affairs
Interim Chief Academic Officer
Dr. Sharon (Sheri) Robertson, Ph.D.
Brault Building, Room 228
Email: srobertson@nvcc.edu

Associate Vice President for eLearning
Dr. Jennifer Lerner
Phone: 703.323.3807
Email: jlerner@nvcc.edu

Director of Curriculum Development
Ms. Barbara Hopkins
Brault Building, Room 260
Phone: 703.425.5835
Email: bhopkins@nvcc.edu

Director of College-wide Dual Enrollment
Ms. Amy Nearman
Pender Drive, Room 220
Phone: 703.503.6226

Director of Academic Policy Compliance
Honors Coordinator, Policy Work Group Chair
Dr. Willie Pomeroy
Brault Building, Room 223
Phone: 703.293.8189
Email: wpomeroy@nvcc.edu

Coordinator of University Transfer & Initiatives
Ms. Jennifer L. Nelson
Brault Building, Room 225
Phone: 703.323.2250
Email: jlnelson@nvcc.edu

Publications Specialist
Mr. Jeffrey Elmore
Brault Building, Room 226
Phone: 703.323.3899
Email: jelmore@nvcc.edu

Program Administration Manager
Ms. Christiane Silva
Brault Building, Room 224
Phone: 703.323.3198
Email: csilva@nvcc.edu

Executive Assistant
Ms. Jennifer Kasse
Brault Building, Room 226
Phone: 703.425.0801
Email: jkassewanzer@nvcc.edu

Credit for Prior Learning Coordinator
Mr. Shawn Addison
Brault Building, Room 261
Phone: 703.323.3470
Email: saddison@nvcc.edu

Pathway Progression and Completion Analyst
Ms. Samantha Ottenheimer
Brault Building, Room 222
Phone: 703.425.0795
Email: sottenheimer@nvcc.edu

Pathway Progression and Completion Analyst
Ms. Allison McElfresh
Brault Building, Suite 221
Phone: 703.323.3089
Email: akmcelfresh@nvcc.edu

Pathway Progression and Completion Analyst
Dr. Casey Lukszo
Brault Building, Room 222
Phone: 703.323.3716
Email: clukszo@nvcc.edu