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Application and Policies

Rental Applications

Application Process

  1. Complete the Facility Rental Application and submit it via fax or email to the campus.
  2. A NOVA Event Coordinator will review the application and verify that the space is available for the requested date. If available, the Event Coordinator will send an estimate and/or invoice to the customer and a tentative hold will be placed on the space.
  3. If the customer wishes to proceed with booking the event, the Event Coordinator will send an Event Agreement to be signed by the customer. Once NOVA receives the signed agreement and deposit payment, the room will be placed on a “contract” status.
  4. The assigned Event Coordinator will set up a meeting (if required) and/or conference call with the client, the production manager, and any other relevant stakeholder(s) to review the event details. Prior to the event date, staff members will contact the client to discuss the final details (catering, loading equipment, set up, etc.) to ensure it's a memorable and successful event.

Facility Rental Policies

Arrival Time

When establishing a rental timetable, allow enough time for client set up and clean up. Caterers and others should be instructed not to arrive before the contracted rental time. Deliveries of rental equipment (e.g. dance floor, tables, etc.) cakes, flowers, etc. must be made during the rental period.

Cancellation Policy

Renters may cancel by giving written notification delivered to NOVA 90 days prior to the rental facility date. The cancellation must be in writing. A message left on voicemail is not acceptable. If the event is booked less than 90 days before the event date, there will be no refunds.

Liability Insurance

Individuals, caterers and organizations are required to obtain a $1 million dollar liability certificate of insurance for the event. The certificate will state that the user indemnifies and holds NOVA harmless from and against any loss, damage, cost or expense arising out of or in any way related to the user’s occupancy of the premises. A copy of this certificate must be provided to the Event Coordinator at least 10 days prior to the event.

Event Publicity

No promotion, publicity, or advertising (printed or otherwise) may state, imply, or allude to any sponsorship by or affiliation with NOVA. Any mention of NOVA in print is restricted to the smallest point size on the document. Clients should include their own phone number for information. College phone numbers may not be used.

Loading & Unloading

Clients should use the loading docks provided. Since doors are kept locked, clients should coordinate deliveries with the Event Coordinator. Short-term parking tags will be issued for loading/unloading. At no time is it acceptable for vehicles to be parked in the fire lanes in front of buildings or left at the loading docks after unloading.


A deposit is required 10 days after the client receives the Event Agreement. The deposit of 50 percent is required to guarantee the room and date requested. The final balance is due 10 days prior to the scheduled event date. Make checks payable to Northern Virginia Community College. Charges for damages, excessive cleaning or violation of the contract will be added to the final bill. Users exceeding their reserved time will be charged the applicable hourly rates.


Clients must be at least 21 years of age and accept responsibility for supervision throughout the period of the contract. Name(s) of person(s) who will be on the site and in charge at the event must be provided to the Event Coordinator prior to the event. Only people specified by the applicant will be permitted to make additions or changes to the signed contract.


NOVA is not responsible for items left during the course of your event. If you chose to leave items overnight and do not request security, we are not liable for damaged, lost or stolen items.

Setup Requirements

Setup and layout of your event must be approved by the Event Coordinator to ensure NOVA is in compliance with fire code regulations.

Minimum Rental Period

In many instances, there is a minimum requirement of three-hours booking per room.