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Robbery - Clery Crimes/Hierarchy Rules


a. Robbery is taking or attempting to take anything of value from the care, custody or control of a person or persons by force or threat of force or violence and/or by putting the victim in fear.

There are four categories in analyzing robbery:                                     

  1. Robbery with a firearm - use of any firearm as a weapon or employed as a means of force to threaten the victim or put the victim in fear.
  2. Robbery with knife or cutting instrument - use of a knife, broken bottle, razor, ice pick or other cutting or stabbing instrument as weapon or as a means of force to threaten the victim or put the victim in fear.
  3. Robbery with other dangerous weapon - use of a club, acid, explosive, brass knuckles, mace, pepper spray or other dangerous weapon used or use is threatened.
  4. Strong arm - hands, fists, feet, etc. Includes muggings and similar offenses where personal weapons such as hands, arms, feet, fists and teeth are used or use is threatened to deprive victim of possessions.


  • Each offense per distinct operation (incident) including attempts are counted
  • Carjacking counts as robbery, not as motor vehicle theft
  • Do NOT count number of victims robbed, those present or the number of offenders
  • Do NOT count if force or threat of force does not exist such as a pick-pocket or purse snatching
  • Robbery is committed in the presence of the victim who is threatened with force or put in fear that force will be used.
  • Robbery involves a theft or larceny but is aggravated by the element of force or threat of force.
  • Because some type of assault is an element of robbery, do not report an assault as a separate crime as long as it was performed in furtherance of the robbery.

Example of Robbery

  • Scenario: Two students returning to campus from a night at a local bar are approached by three armed men on a city sidewalk outside their residence hall and told to hand over their wallets. The students comply, and the three armed men leave without harming the students. Include this as one Robbery on public property.