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How to Print Specialized Class Roster Reports

Special class roster reports are designed specifically for faculty and are available through myNOVA.

NOTE: If you are an instructor with administrative responsibilities, you probably have security access to these reports already through the regular VCCS College Menu.

  1. Open a browser and type in the URL to access the NVCC Homepage (https://www.nvcc.edu).
    The NVCC Homepage displays.

    Home Page

  2. Click on the yellow myNOVA tab at the top right corner of the NVCC Homepage.
    The Academic Tools screen displays.

    Academic Tools

  3. Click on the green myNOVA button on the Academic Tools screen to access the myNOVA Login Portal screen.
    The myNOVA Login Portal screen displays.

    Login Screen

  4. Enter your myNOVA log in Username and Password and then click on Sign In.
    The myNOVA Main Menu displays.


    NOTE: The options available to you on this menu such as Canvas, Gmail, SIS, AIS (Finance), and HR will vary based on your security access.

  5. Click on Main Menu > at the top of the screen and select VCCS College.
    The VCCS College screen displays.  On this screen, you will see all the reports to which you have access.

    Report Screen
  6. Select the Report you wish to print (e.g., NVCC CE Classes).
    The Find an Existing Value tab for the selected Report displays (e.g., NVCC CE Classes).

    NVCC CE Classes Screen

  7. Enter a Run Control ID in the Run Control ID field and click Search.
    The Run Control ID identifies the user printing a Report.

    NOTE: If you are a first-time user, click SEARCH and your EMPLID will default to the Run Control ID.

    You only need one (1) Run Control ID for all Reports and all Queries (unless you are running more than one at a time). It is convention to use your last name or EMPLID.

    There is a chance that after entering your ID you will not be taken to the next page –- this is most likely because of pop-up blocking in your Internet browser, so you may have to temporarily disable it.

    The Run Control ID screen for the selected screen displays (e.g., NVCC CE Classes).
    Run Control Screen

  8. Complete the Academic Institution and Term fields.

    NOTE:  The Institution (NV280) and Term are usually required for all Reports.  Other information might be optional (Opt). You should always enter the class number of your class and leave the optional data fields blank.

  9. Click on the Run button in the upper right corner of the screen.
    The Process Scheduler Request screen displays.

    Process Scheduler Screen

    NOTE: The Server Name field must be set to the PSNT server for all Reports. Also, the Type and Format fields should be set to Web and PDF, respectively.

  10. Check that the correct information are in the Server Type, Type, and Format fields and then click OK.

    Server Type Screen

    The Process Monitor screen displays.
    Process Monitor Screen

    Note the Process Instance number.  This number is automatically generated.

  11. Click on the Process Monitor link at the top of the screen.
    The Process List tab displays.

    Process List Tab

    NOTE: You should see your Report’s Instance Number under the Instance column on the left side of the screen.

    If the Run Status for your Report does not indicate Success or the Distribution Status does not indicate Posted, click on the Refresh button at the top until they are.

  12. After Success and Posted display, click on Details under Details.
    The Process Detail screen displays.

    Process Detail Screen

  13. Click on View Log/Trace at the bottom of the screen.
    The View Log/Trace screen displays.

    View Log Trace Screen
  14. Click on the PDF file under File List to access the Report.

    File List

    The Report in the PDF format displays.

    Report Screen

    NOTE: Most of the reports are PDFs.  You can now save and print the Report.

    Report Description

    It is assumed that you will run Reports ONLY for your classes. Therefore, only the Institution (NV280), Term, and Class Number are required. All other data should be left blank.

    NVCC Class Mailing Labels

    This report produces standard mailing labels for all current students in a class. It runs one class at a time. The labels generated are formatted for printing on Avery 5160 or 5960 labels (three columns of addresses across the page; 10 addresses down each column).

    NVCC Class Roll/Grade Roll

    This report produces a grid-like roster on which you can record test scores, grades, etc. It is meant to be printed. This report is not a spreadsheet. It lists the student EMPLID, Name, Plan Code (major) and blank columns which could be used for keeping track of attendance or grades.

    NVCC Class Roster

    NOVA version of your self-service class roster. Includes name, EMPLID, Email and mailing addresses, student’s grading basis, credit attempted (should always be the same for all students), enrollment status.

    NVCC Class Roster With Developmental History

    This report produces a roster for any class. It includes a history of all developmental classes taken, with grades, tests and scores, student groups, student’s earned credits, GPA and service indicators.

    NVCC Class Roster With History

    This report produces a roster for any class. It includes a history of all classes taken with the same subject code as the class number. So, if you run this report for an economics class, you will see a history of all economic classes taken by the students and the grades earned. It also includes tests and scores, student groups, telephone numbers and email addresses.

NOTE: When you are finished, always remember to Sign Out to ensure the security and privacy of your account information.


For assistance or questions on these procedures, contact the IT Help Desk.