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Change Personal Information

  1. Open a browser and type in the URL to access the NVCC Homepage (
    The NVCC Homepage displays.

    Home Page

  2. Click on the yellow myNOVA tab at the top right corner of the NVCC Homepage.
    The Academic Tools screen displays.

    Academic Tools

  3. Click on the green myNOVA button on the Academic Tools screen to access the myNOVA Login Portal screen.
    The myNOVA Login Portal screen displays.

    Login Screen

  4. Enter your myNOVA log in Username and Password and then click on Sign In.
    The myNOVA Main Menu displays.


    NOTE: The options available to you on this menu such as Canvas, Gmail, SIS, AIS (Finance), and HR will vary based on your security access.

  5. Click on SIS-Student Information System.


    The SIS-Self Service screen displays.

    SIS Main Menu

  6. Click on Self Service at the top of screen and then select Campus Personal Information from the drop-down menu.

    The Campus Personal Information screen displays.

    Campus Personal Information Screen

  7. Click on the following to change your information, as needed.
    • Addresses.
    • Names.
    • Phone Numbers.
    • Email Addresses.
    • Emergency Contacts.
    • Demographic Information.
    • FERPA Restrictions.
    • User Preferences.
    • Extracurricular Activities.
    • Honors and Awards.
    • Holds.
    • To Do List.
    • Ethnicity. 

NOTE:The VCCS has created some personal information, which you CANNOT CHANGE and others such as AddressesNames, and Phone Numbers, which you can maintain, add, change, edit, etc. 

For example, to edit, add, or delete your address information:

Address Information Screen

    • Click on the Edit button next to the address you wish to change or edit.
    • Click on the Delete button next to the address you wish to delete.
    • Click on the Add a New Address button to add a new address.
    • Click Save or OK, when done.

NOTE: When you are finished, always remember to Sign Out to ensure the security and privacy of your account information.


For assistance or questions on these procedures, contact the IT Help Desk.