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Record Your Grades

All Faculty will enter student grades through myNOVA.

  1. Open a browser and type in the URL to access the NVCC Homepage (https://www.nvcc.edu).
  2. Click on the myNOVA tab at the top center of the NVCC Homepage and sign into myNOVA.
  3. Click on the SIS-Student Information System tile once signed in.
  4. The SIS-Self Service screen displays. Make sure the drop-down menu is toggled to Faculty & Advisors.

  5. Click on Faculty Center. The Faculty Center screen displays.
  6. Click on My Schedule, and make sure you are in the correct year and semester.

    NOTE: Your teaching schedule for the designated Term will be displayed. To change the Term displayed, click the Change Term button and select the Term from the Select Term table and then click Continue. Do not use the Class Roster link under Faculty Center. Use My Schedule to access your rosters.
  7. Click the Grade Roster icon at the left of the class you wish to access.

    The selected Grade Roster screen now displays for the class you selected. The Roster provides the list of names of students in the class and specific information such as their IDs and Programs and Plans.
  8. Check below in the Display Options box, that the Grade Roster Type field is set to Final Grade and in the Grade Roster Action box, the Approval Status field is set to Not Reviewed.
  9. Click the down-arrow in the Roster Grade column next to each student’s name and select the student’s grade from the drop-down menu. Make sure you also toggle to the second page of the grade roster if you have more than 20 students.

    NOTE: When recording the grade of R or U for a developmental class and F for a regular credit class, you’ll be required to enter the last date the student attended class. If the student stopped attending prior to the 60% date and you don’t know the exact date, enter 01/01/1900.
  10. Click Save at the bottom of the screen when done.

    NOTE: After entering the grades and saving them, Faculty should check with their Division Office to determine next steps. When you are finished, always remember to Sign Out to ensure the security and privacy of your account information.

Additional Notes:

  • The "W" grade will automatically be entered if students withdraw themselves within the withdrawal period (after census and before the last date to withdraw). Instructors cannot enter a "W" grade.
  • Instructors cannot enter a grade of "I" for Incomplete. Contact your Division Office for procedures and forms.
  • Students enrolled in regular session classes, cannot withdraw themselves after the 60% date (last date to withdraw with a "W" grade).
  • If a student withdraws from a dynamic session class after the official withdrawal period, an "F" grade will automatically be entered.
  • When recording a grade of "R" or "F" or "U," you will be required to enter the last date that the student attended. You may use a placeholder date if you don't know the exact date when the student stopped attending:
    1. If the student stopped attending, but you do not know the date, use 01/01/1900.
    2. If the student completed the entire class, you may use the last date of the class or 12/31/9999. You can look up the official last date of your class in Self-Service > Faculty Center > My Schedule.
  • You do not have to enter all your grades at once. If you have a large class, it is recommended that you SAVE each time you have entered 5 to 10 grades. If you get an error about the last day of attendance, go back and record the LDA and save.
  • You can leave grades blank. You can go back later and enter them.
  • Grades must be entered by the grade deadline. You will receive instructions from the Executive Vice President.
  • Grades may not be entered in myNOVA between midnight and 6:00 a.m.
  • After you enter grades, students will not see them on their records until the Grade Batch Posting program runs. The program will run between midnight and 6:00 a.m.
  • Once a grade is posted to a student’s record, it cannot be changed on the Roster. Contact the Division Office for instructions.
  • All questions should be directed to your Dean or Division Office.