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Exhibitions Calendar - Waddell Art Gallery

Exhibitions Calendar - 2020

John Kinney, Virginia: Changing Topographies

This series is based on the expanding development in the rural districts in Prince William, Fauquier, and Loudoun Counties in Virginia. These photos highlight areas being developed, and they feature land people hope will never be developed.

Urban development has been expanding in Northern Virginia for many years. Since the 2010 Census, the populations of Fauquier County, Prince William County, and Loudoun Counties have grown 7.6%, 15.2%, and 30%, respectively (Weldon Cooper Center). Loudoun County, for instance, has been deemed “a test tube” for dealing with “hypergrowth” due to numerous high-tech and government jobs (Davenport). Such expansion, unsurprisingly, has met resistance. For instance, in Prince William County, the organization “Save the Rural Crescent” formed to stop urban sprawl in agricultural zones (Rural Crescent Coalition).

Environmental activist Wendell Berry stated: “There is in fact no distinction between the fate of the land and the fate of the people” (Berry and Shoemaker 2019). As it stands now in Northern Virginia, developers are winning and farmers and rural life are losing.


Bryan McGinnis, Red + Blue in Craft

Bryan McGinnis is an emerging artist who balances American history and politics with contemporary gay culture through mixed media. McGinnis primarily uses his mother’s fabrics or bought textiles from Lancaster, PA with exploration of his Pennsylvania Dutch ancestry.


Fine Arts and Graphic Design Student Exhibition

This exhibit will feature student works from both the Graphic design and Fine Arts programs. Examples of Graphic Design, Visual Imagery, Multimedia Design, Animation, and Web Design from the Graphic Design program. Design, Drawing, Painting, Printmaking, and sculpture from the Visual Arts program. A must see show!


Fine Arts and Graphic Design Faculty Exhibition

An exhibit of recent works by the Loudoun Campus, Visual Arts and Graphic Design faculty.



Lorena Molina, Home in the Margins

Home in the Margins will be a large installation that will feature markers of making a home in the in-between. Home is a highly political site for people that have experienced displacement because of war. During the last four years, Molina has been exploring questions about identity in the margins. She sees this as a place where extreme violence and pain happens, but also as a place for resisting and thriving. With this tension in mind, she will make an installation at the Waddell Art Gallery that will represent what this home in the margin looks like. 

The installation will include photographs, videos, raspberry bushes, banana plants, mangoes, and red clay. A long and bright braid made out of fabric will fill the space and weave in and out the work. This exhibition is a reconciliation of the immigrant experience, and acceptance that a home in the margins is a good home too. It has real estate everywhere. The landscape is lush and with a full range. It has tropical weather, palm trees and the ocean. It has winters and snow too. It is adapting to the knowing feeling that something is always missing, but that is home too.