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Exhibitions Calendar - Waddell Art Gallery

Exhibitions Calendar - 2018

January 8 to February 9

Artemis Herber


Artist Statement
My Installations, VESSELS and SHELTERS, address two issues of our globalized dynamics: Trade and migration. I constantly explore ideas of how the human being lives in spheres whether contained or imagined.
trade, mobility, and nomadism are the signature of our globalized world. While deriving from the 20th century globalization started during the transition to maritime forms of rule in the 16 - 17th- century. Modernity began with the early colonization and the territorialisation of the sea.

Today known as the ‘Beige Gold’  I process cardboard, the ubiquitous signature for our globalized consumerism – now the market indicator of global consumerism and trade, into art by valuing the material and its transformation from artless into something artful. We refer to scrap paper, recycled into cardboard and shipped across the world transformed into a high valued material.

Both installations reflect contradictory themes of the temporal or fleeting created from sustainable material appearing rust-covered and decaying and denoting the temporary character. Through the process of replicating tent-like or keel-like formations while transforming cardboard into a pretentiously rusty surface, the objects evolve as artifacts and as icons of artifacts simultaneously.  SHELTERS and VESSELS become metaphors of an artistic artifact of a culture that opens a window into our own past while in the present.

February 19 to March 23

Brian Kreydatus
Drawings and Prints

Drawings and Prints

Artist Statement
I am a printmaker who works in a variety of mediums. I choose each medium for its specific qualities which dictate my process and become an active participant in the final image.

My influences include the great painter/printmakers- Durer, Rembrandt, and Goya, Victorian wood-engravings, Kollwitz and Dix in early nineteenth century Germany, and the comics I grew up with in the seventies.

My prints deal with the figure and questions regarding the human condition. The human conditions basic tenets- the search for life’s meaning, inevitable loneliness, desire for gratification through food or intimacy, and the omnipresent knowledge of our own mortality are all themes in my work- sometimes implicitly, sometimes explicitly. These facts of the human experience have caused me to become obsessed with portraying the body’s physicality and vulnerability, which find their visual expression through a direct and purposefully unpolished mark. By recording my own specific experiences, I hope to create works that are universal.

April 1 to April 27

Fine Arts and Graphic Design Student Exhibition

Student Art Exhibition

This exhibit will feature student works from both the Graphic design and Fine Arts programs. Examples of Graphic Design, Visual Imagery, Multimedia Design, Animation, and Web Design from the Communication Design program. Ceramics, Design, Drawing, Painting, Printmaking, and sculpture from the Fine Art program. A must see show!

August 13 to September 14

Fine Arts and Graphic Design Faculty Exhibition

An exhibit of recent works by the Loudoun Campus, Fine Arts and Graphic Design faculty.

Student Art Exhibition

Small Repairs, by Donald Depuydt

September 24 to October 26


November 5 to December 7