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Exhibitions Calendar - Waddell Art Gallery

Exhibitions Calendar - 2019

January 7 to February 8

Lynda Andrews-Barry
The Humble Sublime: Elements in Nature

humble sublime.jpg

February 18 to March 22

 Atsuko Chirikjian
Stain Project

Stain Project.jpg

Chirikjian has been examining “Time and Space” through fiber. In this exhibition, she shows installation pieces from “Stain Project”

Stain Project is a chromatographic staining technique created by placing dyes in a test tube with paper yarn. The paper yarn functions as a capillary for the dyes to seep from the test tube and onto the rice paper after a series of trials. 

When these stains are created, they instantaneously capture the conditions of their surrounding environment. Each stain is formed by the ring-like layers which are influenced by temperature, humidity, water pressure, fiber density, and pigment.  Looking at these stains can remind us of that exact moment and place in which we lived and breathed. 

April 1 to April 26

Visual Arts and Graphic Design Student Exhibition


This exhibit will feature student works from both the Graphic design and Visual Arts programs. Examples of Graphic Design, Visual Imagery, Multimedia Design, Animation, and Web Design from the Graphic Design program. Design, Drawing, Painting, Printmaking, and sculpture from the Visual Arts program. A must see show!

August 12 to September 13

Visual Arts and Graphic Design Faculty Exhibition

An exhibit of recent works by the Loudoun Campus, Visual Arts and Graphic Design faculty.

September 23 to October 25
November 4 to December 6