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Reporting Injuries

  • Office of Emergency Management

Students & Visitors

If a student or visitor is accidentally injured while on Campus, NOVA Form 125-88 should be completed and submitted through the Director of Campus Operations to the Risk Management Office.


The Virginia Worker’s Compensation Act covers injuries and illnesses that arise specifically as a result of an individual's job duties. In order for an accident to be compensable under the VWCA, it must arise out of and in the course of employment.

Life Threatening Accident or Injury

In the event of a life-threatening accident or injury requiring immediate medical attention:

  • Dial 911 or x25000 or 703.764.5000 to initiate the EMS ambulance system. 
  • Seek out the immediate supervisor or senior college official in the area.
  • Notify Human Resources at x23110 or 703.323.3110. 
  • Complete forms as required.

Urgent Care Need

In the event of an accident or injury requiring medical care:

  • Report the incident to the immediate supervisor.
  • Seek the appropriate medical attention.
  • Contact Human Resources at x23110 or 703.323.3110.
  • Complete forms as required.

Minor Accident or Injury

In the event of  a minor accident or injury not requiring medical assistance: