Course Content Summaries

Academic Affairs at Northern Virginia Community College maintains a file of detailed course content summaries. In addition to the course descriptions available in the NOVA College Catalog and on the Master Course File located on the VCCS website, these summaries include course objectives and major topics covered in the courses. For external access to the files, please email

Course Prefix Listing

Course summaries which are "web ready" may be accessed below. Courses are organized alphabetically by course prefix (e.g., "ACC" "ENG" "MTH").

PrefixCourse Discipline
ACC Accounting
ADJ Administration of Justice
AIR Air Conditioning and Refrigeration
ARA Arabic
ARC Architecture
ART Arts
ASL American Sign Language & Interpreter Education
AUB Auto Body
AUT Automotive
BIO Biology
BLD Building
BSK Basic Skills
BUS Business Management and Administration
CAD Computer Aided Drafting
CHD Childhood Development
CHI Chinese
CHM Chemistry
CIV Civil Engineering Technology
CON Contract Management
CSC Computer Science
CST Communication Studies and Theatre
DIT Dietetics
DMS Diagnostic Medical Sonography
DNA Dental Assisting
DNH Dental Hygiene
DSL Diesel
ECO Economics
EDE English Direct Enrollment
EDU Education
EGR Engineering
ELE Electrical Technology
EMS Emergency Medical Services
ENE Energy Technology
ENF English Fundamentals
ENG English
ENV Environmental Science
ESL English as a Second Language
ETR Electronics Technology
FIN Financial Services
FRE French
GEO Geography
GER German
GIS Geographic Information Systems
GOL Geology
GRE Greek
HIM Health Information Management
HIN Hindi
HIS History
HIT Health Information Technology
HLT Health
HMS Human Services
HRI Hospitality Management
HRT Horticulture
HUM Humanities
IDS Interior Design
IND Industrial Engineering Tech
INS Instrumentation
INT Interpreter Education
ITA Italian
ITD Information Technology Database and Design
ITE Information Technology Essentials
ITN Information Technology Networking
ITP Information Technology Programming
JPN Japanese
KOR Korean
LAT Latin
LBR Library Technology
LGL Legal Assisting
MCR Mathematics Corequisite
MDE Mathematics Direct Enrollment
MDL Medical Laboratory
MEC Mechanical Engineering Technology
MKT Marketing
MTE Math Essentials
MTH Math
MTT Developmental Mathematics Technology-Based
MUS Music
NAS Natural Science
NSG Nursing
OCT Occupational Therapy
PBS Public Service
PED Physical Education and Recreation
PHI Philosophy
PHT Photography
PHY Physics
PLS Political Science
POR Portuguese
PSY Psychology
PTH Physical Therapist Assistant
RAD Radiography
REA Real Estate
REL Religion
ROC Radiation Oncology
RTH Respiratory Therapy
RUS Russian
SAF Safety
SDV Student Development
SOC Sociology
SPA Spanish
SSC Social Science
TRV Travel and Tourism
VEN Viticulture and Enology
VET Veterinary Technology
VTN Vietnamese
WEL Welding