NOVA 2009-2010 College Catalog

Table of Contents

Corrections/Updates to the 2009-2010 Catalog

Campus Addresses
State Board for Community Colleges
College Calendar
College Staff
Alexandria Campus
Annandale Campus
Loudoun Campus
Manassas Campus
Medical Education Campus
Woodbridge Campus
Extended Learning Institute - Distance Learning

General Information
History of the College
The College
Virginia Community College System
Accreditation and Recognition
Statement of Values
NOVA Mission, Vision and Goals
NOVA General Education Goals
Educational Support Services
NVCC Educational Foundation
Alumni Federation
Grants Development

Administrative Information
Student Classifications
Academic Load
Admission Requirements
Financial Information
Financial Aid Information
Academic Information
Extended Learning Institute Course Requirements

Student Development Services
Student Rights and Responsibilities
Counseling Services
Faculty Advising
Career Development Services
New Student Orientation
Student Development Course
Computer Information Services
Disability Services for Students
Health Services
Safety Information
Sexual Harassment
Student Activities
Substance Abuse
Voter Registration
ROTC (Army/Air Force)
Servicemembers Opportunity College (SOC)
Concurrent Admissions Program
Virginia Army National Guard Educational Benefits
Virginia War Orphans Education Program
Tuition Benefits for Survivors of Deceased Public Safety Officers of Virginia
Student Consumer Information

Instructional Programs
Types of Degrees and Certificates
Degree Requirements
General Education Electives
Graduation Requirements
Transfer Information
Developmental Studies
Workforce Development and Continuing Education
Cooperative Education
Tech Prep
Apprenticeship Training
Weekend Courses
Extended Learning Institute (ELI) -- Distance Learning

Curricular Programs of Study

Allied Health and Nursing Programs

Description of Courses

Faculty and Staff

Advisory Committees

Application for Admission

Curriculum Codes

Curricula-Campus and ELI Locations