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Amazon Career Choice Program

Career Choice is an innovative Amazon program uniquely designed to upskill Amazon employees who are interested in pursuing a future outside of Amazon. By partnering with Northern Virginia Community College to deliver training for high-demand careers, Amazon is proud to give eligible employees the tools they need to make a move and pursue their aspirations.

4 Easy Steps to Get Started

Apply to NOVA. Make sure to select Northern Virginia Community College as your college. We recommend that you DO NOT select a program of study and complete this step later with your advisor.
Follow the steps for getting started in the Amazon Career Choice employee portal. Select "Northern Virginia Community College" as your institution. Select an approved program and complete process. Submit your voucher with student ID number and your intended starting semester to Third Party Billing at thirdpartybilling@nvcc.edu.


Speak with a NOVA admissions advisor through chat, email or by calling our 24-Hour Student Support Center at 1.855.323.3199. While NOVA offers over a hundred programs, you must remain in one of the approved Career Choice programs to receive the voucher benefits.
Speak with your career coach to ensure you are enrolled in approved courses from your degree plan and review your plan for future courses. Courses will be verified each semester to monitor compliance with Career Choice policies.

Program Data

  • Amazon Career Choice was launched in 2012.
  • Amazon Career Choice is live in 14 countries (U.S., Canada, U.K., Germany, Spain, France, Ireland, Italy, Poland, Czech Republic, South Africa, Costa Rica, Slovakia and Australia) with plans to expand into other international markets.
  • Amazon Career Choice has had more than 40,000 associates have participated globally since inception (30,000 in the U.S.).
  • Amazon Career Choice offers five broad fields of study: Transportation, Healthcare, Information Technology, Mechanical and Skilled Trades, and Administration
  • Amazon has more than 60 Career Choice classrooms in Fulfillment Centers (FCs) across the US, and more than 20 in Europe. Many of our new FCs have on-site classrooms as part of their standard blueprint. [The safety of our employees is our priority. Since COVID-19, we have put onsite learning on hold and are increasing our online offerings.]

Degree and Certificate Programs Available

When you enroll at NOVA through Amazon's Career Choice program, you can choose from multiple associate degrees and Career Study Certificates (CSC). The associate degree programs range from 60 to 65 credits to complete, and the CSC’s range from as low as 14 to 27 credits to complete. As an additional benefit, many of the CSC’s are completely stackable into the corresponding degree. This gives you the ability to transition into your career faster, knowing that your hard work applies directly into the program associate’s degree if you chose to continue.

NOVA Career Choice Programs

NOVA’s Career Choice programs allow you to enhance your professional value by building up your industry credentials as you go. Many of the courses available to you in this program are designed to help prepare you to take the exams to earn these valuable industry certifications. If you already have some of these certifications, you may be eligible to earn credit for prior learning (CPL) and receive course equivalents and complete your program even faster. Present any of your industry certifications to your Advisor or Career Coach who can determine if they can be applied for credit.


How do I access my Amazon Career Choice voucher? -

You must apply for your voucher through the Amazon Career Choice employee portal. For your college choice select Northern Virginia Community College (NOVA). You will then be able to select from the approved programs that NOVA offers. You must select a program from this list to receive your voucher.

Do I need to submit a voucher every semester?

Yes. You will request your voucher from Amazon and submit it to Northern Virginia Community College Third Party Billing at thirdpartybilling@nvcc.edu as soon as you receive it. You will get a confirmation email back from the Third Party Billing Office with the amount being covered by Career Choice and what you will owe that isn’t covered. Other payment issues may also be resolved through this office.

Can I take multiple session courses within the same semester with my Career Choice voucher?

No. You must select courses within your program that have the same start and end date in order for them to be covered by your Career Choice voucher. For example: if you take an 8 week course for the first part of fall semester, you cannot take another 8 week course for the second part of the semester.

How many credits can I take each year?

You can take as many as 16 credits in one subscription year (three consecutive semesters). The number of credits covered is subject to change due to tuition and fee cost increases. Your subscription year begins with your first semester at NOVA and ends 12 months after the start date of the semester. If you take more than 16 credits during the subscription year, standard tuition and fees apply.

Will I use my entire annual Career Choice benefit?

Yes. Regardless of how many credits you end up taking in a subscription year, you will use your entire annual $3,000 benefit.

How much will I have to pay and when will I be billed?

Once you submit your voucher to Third Party Billing you will be sent a bill with the balance you owe. Typically, you will only owe the 5% of tuition not covered by your Career Choice. The amount will be determined by your domicile (In-state/Out-of-State) and the number of courses you plan to take. In addition, increases to tuition rates as determined by the Virginia Community College System could also impact your balance owed. For questions contact Third Party Billing at thirdpartybilling@nvcc.edu.

I have used my Career Choice benefits in the past. How will that affect my program at NOVA?

To participate in NOVA programs, you must have your full $3,000 annual benefit available. If you previously used your Career Choice funds during the year, you will have to wait until the next year to participate. If you have used your Career Choice benefit in previous years, you may not have enough eligible years remaining to fund your entire associate's degree at NOVA. Eligibility for Amazon Career Choice continues for up to four consecutive years if you have not previously used your Career Choice benefit. 

How can I maximize my Career Choice benefit?

To complete an associate's degree at Northern Virginia Community College, you should take 15–16 credits per year for four consecutive years. You should take the courses as mapped in your degree plan provided by your advisor. This will allow you to maximize your Amazon Career Choice benefits. You do not have to spread out your credits and could take them all in one, two or over all three semesters in a given year. Most students take classes during the fall and spring semesters and take a break for summer.

What if I don’t live in the state of Virginia?

Tuition is based on your domicile (In-state/Out-of-State) or where you live. Virginia residents would be covered through Career Choice for up to 16 credits each year based on current in-state tuition and fee rates. Students that live outside of Virginia would pay out-of-state tuition and fee rates, effectively cutting the number of credits that would be covered by Career Choice in half.


Can I use my Career Choice benefit toward any program at NOVA?

No. The only NOVA programs covered by the Career Choice benefits are those listed in the Amazon Career Choice employee portal. Please work with your NOVA advisor or career coach to select the right track for you. Any other NOVA programs or courses not within the designated programs are subject to standard tuition and fee charges and will be billed to you.  

Which courses should I take to earn my associate degree or certificate?

The programs listed in the Amazon Career Choice employee portal all have degree or certificate program plans. NOVA has created these degree and certificate plans to assist students in selecting the correct courses required to achieve the desired credential. One major benefit to students is that many of the career studies certificates (CSC) are stackable into the program associate’s degree. Please work with your advisor to create a plan for your selected track prior to enrolling in courses.

What is a Career Studies Certificate?

A career studies certificate (CSC) is a shorter program designed to provide core program courses that give students industry knowledge, skills and abilities to prepare them for an internship or entry level position. Typically designed to be a one year program, this is a pathway that many individuals take to change careers quickly. At NOVA many of our CSC’s are stackable, meaning that the courses you complete for a CSC will also stack into the program associate’s degree. This save you time and money if you chose to pursue the program associate’s degree.

Can I transfer credits into this program?

NOVA accepts transfer credits from a variety of sources. For example, if you already have industry certifications, you may be eligible to earn credit for prior learning (CPL) and receive course equivalents and complete your program even faster. Speak with an advisor to determine how many of your credits may transfer to your selected program.

Can I switch my program track?

Yes, you can switch your program track. However, not all courses apply to each program track. You may have to take additional courses and they may not be covered by Career Choice voucher, so speak to an advisor before switching programs. If you change to a program that is not part of Career Choice, you will be subject to standard tuition and fee charges for all courses.

Do I need to have an ACT or SAT exam score to attend?

No. ACT and SAT are not required to attend NOVA. If you have taken one of these exams you can provide the scores to your advisor to assist with your program plan.

Do I need to take any placement tests to determine the course I can take?

No. NOVA strongly urges new students to take the math, English and ESL assessments provided to ensure your courses can be best aligned for academic success, but placement tests are not required to attend NOVA.

The Math Placement Guidance for Students will help you determine which mathematics course you should take. Contact MATHplacement@nvcc.edu if you need assistance.

Assess your English readiness by taking the VPT-English Practice Test. Take the VPT-English Practice Test and be sure to download and share your score with your advisor.

If English is your second language you should Contact the ESL Department for questions about your placement and class registration information or any other follow up questions.


What kind of resources will be available to me through NOVA’s Career Services?

Please visit NOVA ‘s Career Services for more information about tools and resources we offer to help you advance your career outside of Amazon. You can also contact your career coach for program specific assistance.